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Starting Date: To be announced
Time: 7 AM or 7 PM IST
Language: Hindi/English
Teacher: Ritu Om and Team
Location: Online(Zoom)

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  1. Course will start with Minimum 10 Students.

Aim of Yoga Teacher Training

Aim of Yoga Teacher Training program is to make you a confident and professional yoga & meditation teacher and for that, we provide deep knowledge in this program.

Yoga helps in self discipline and self-control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness.

Even if you aren’t planning on teaching, this Yoga Teacher Training program is for all. It makes us a better human being by practicing knowledge gained in our daily life.

From this program you will know what is yoga in true sense and it is not only yoga asana but much more than that.

(HINDI) Yoga Teacher Training & Science of Meditation - Online


  1. To enable students to understand science of yoga and meditation so that by applying the knowledge gained they can bring a change in their lives and lives of others.
  2. To awaken students towards true life purpose.
  3. To enable the student to have good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  4. To attain higher level of consciousness and form divine connection.
  5. To activate energy centers, thereby releasing emotional blockages and unblocking energy channels through different yogic practices.


Our Online Yoga Teacher Training delivers a comprehensive, theoretical and practical hands-on training program.

Trainees emerge from our program as confident teachers with a strong and solid teaching skill set ready to begin their career.

Alongside developing the art of teaching, trainees also gain a comprehensive understanding of the practice of Yoga Asanas, Philosophy, physiology, Adjustment & Alignment, Mantra chanting, Chakras, Anatomy, Mudras, Pranayama and Meditation.

Our curriculum takes you through the essential elements required to deepen and enrich your own yoga practice and to teach students with confidence.

Our expert team of teachers will guide you from the fundamental stages to teaching with ease.

We believe that the priority outcome of a Teacher Training Course should be the ability to teach a professional class with excellent skills when you complete your training.

We greatly value the emotional, spiritual and physical investment students make to attend a Teacher Training course.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes the following:

  • Asana techniques including identification of common misalignment, including training and practice in Bandhas, Pranayama, Kriyas, chanting and meditation.
  • Yoga philosophy of Eight Limbs of Ashtanga and Raja Yoga and introduction to Yoga Sutras and Bhagvat Gita.
  • Anatomy and Physiology including chakras, mudras, nadis and health benefits of yoga
  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Teaching Methodology including sequencing, adjusting, teaching standards, and teacher and learner styles
  • Classroom Management

In conjunction with taking the journey to becoming a teacher, trainees study Yoga Philosophy with an emphasis on how you can incorporate this into your own practice and day-to-day life.

Chanting, meditation and pranayama provide spiritual structure and compliment the more physical practices of the curriculum.

Classes Details

  • Course duration – approx. 2 Months
  • Class types:
    • Group: A group of students, moving together on their journey to become Yoga & Meditation teachers.

Fee Details

Total Energy Exchange Fee to be paid in two installments in 30 days

  • Total fee = Rs 60,000/ USD 1110 (to be paid in two installments in 30 days)


* Approx. 15% off – if all fee is paid in advance

  • Total Fee, if all fee is paid in advance = Rs 51,000/ USD 945

College Student Discount

Additional 25% discount: If you are a College student plus you are not doing a job then you can get a 25% discount coupon code by sending us your valid college ID card.

Fee Rules

Fees Rules
  • All Fees are to be paid in advance.
  • The fee once received will be non-refundable.
  • The fee once received is non-transferable i.e. It won’t be adjusted in any other course.
  • The fee once received is forfeited if the services are not availed at the scheduled time.
  • The fee is subject to change without prior notice. So, by paying fees in advance, you are not affected by any price changes.
  • International students Foreign nationals or People residing outside India are considered international residents. (Note: Your Country appears to be -> United States of America)

Fee F.A.Q.

I find the course fees high as an international student. Can I get a discount?

We understand that course fees can be a concern, particularly for those joining from outside India. We deeply appreciate your dedication to our programs. Please know that our fees are determined considering various factors related to different countries.

We recognize that economic circumstances can present challenges, and we empathize with your personal situation. While we can’t provide individual fee adjustments, we do offer a variety of courses and materials designed to accommodate diverse budgets. Our aim is to make our teachings accessible to as many people as possible.

We encourage you to explore our alternative offerings that might align better with your budget. Rest assured, we’re here to support your personal growth and journey. Thank you for considering our programs.

Q: Can you not send money to India from your country?

A: If you reside in a country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., where sending fees to foreign countries is restricted, please contact us. We will examine your situation.

  • We may request you donate an amount equal to the program fee to a charitable organization in your country and provide us with the donation receipt.

You can send a message to our admin below.

Book Your Seat

book your seat

To book your seat, you can deposit Registration Fee: Rs 5,000/ USD 100 (It will be adjusted in total fee payment) and send us receipt.

(HINDI) Yoga Teacher Training Students Experience | April 2020

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