Yoga Teachers Training Course

I was too lethargic. Inspite of my best intentions, i wasn’t following any routine to improve. Here I have learnt the benefits to follow routine. The class is so interesting, informative and beneficial that I have developed a routine and look forward to it so enthusiastically everyday.
Learning Anatomy helped in understanding the relationship with our body its effects. Knowledge about the Asana, when to do and when not to do, relating asanas with various ailments is getting ingrained with each passing day.
Trainers are enthusiastic and really aware of what they are explaining. A well managed and very close to real world and life experiences, practical class. A great balance between theory and practice. The concepts are professionally explained.
Really a life affirming experience where I grew an enormous amount emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Everyday we are getting pearls of wisdom to enhance not only health but quality of our life as well.