(HINDI) Can Twin Flame Forget Me? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param3 min read

(HINDI) Can Twin Flame Forget Me? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Ritu Om and Jnana Param answers this popular question “Can Twin Flame Forget Me? (क्या twin flame मुझे भूल सकता है?)” in this Hindi video.

So, Can Twin Flame Forget Me and just move on?
We will answer this question with another question that can he really break-free from a part of himself?

Sure, with time, it can become suppressed or dormant, but he can’t just cut it out.
You were one, before your birth, and no force of nature can break that union.
He is just doing a futile effort to hide or run away from you.

A soul contract binds both of you, and you have to fulfill it at all costs.

Once we have met our twin flame in this 3d world, we are forever reconnected through a cord of energy from our hearts.
The twin flame’s lives are forever changed.
It is home, it is what he has missed and craved his entire lives.

As we discussed in previous video, you are not in separation phase, you are in preparation phase.

In previous video we discussed that as you have awakened first, so it becomes your responsibility to work on your self and help your twin to awaken with tools.

This way you will open up to coming together once again.

So, Can Twin Flame Forget Me if I don’t contact them?

The simple answer to that question is no, they won’t.
Just like you did not forget your twin flame, your twin did not forget you.
The fear of being forgotten by a soulmate or twin flame is frequently used an excuse to make contact, but it does nothing to solve the real problems between the couple.

A twin flame relationship is like no other relationship a person experiences.
It is a new experience, and one that cannot be forgotten.

No one would forget a near death experience, or any other life changing experience.

When it comes to our emotional experiences the most significant always stay with us because they stand out.

It could be an emotional experience of fear, anger, and of course, love.
Since our emotions are attached to any experience, the harder they are to forget.

So why he is blocking you, or running away from you or getting married to a different partner or having a new girlfriend?

Your twin flame may be trying to forget about you, and may be trying to live without you.

That is why he is trying all the options so that he can get over you.

That is part of their journey, and part of their lessons obviously. You can’t learn your twin flame’s lessons for them.

Let’s understand the reason behind separation.

First try to answer that which of the following situation will make you do your inner work?

First situation in which everything is pleasant between you and your twin Or
Second situation in which there are issues to union.

Twin souls are highly evolved souls.
Divine wants you to unite but only when you are fully awakened and step into your role as master soul and not as a regular human being or a regular soul.

We are trying to say that until you awaken fully, its not easy or may be impossible to unite.

You might force your way into union by hurting so many others and creating more karma.

When you force your way into union with your twin, it brings stress, anxiety and spiritual fall happens.

In previous video we discussed that in most cases divine feminine is first to become aware about twin flame connection.

The inner work done by you will help to awaken your twin flame as well. There are tools and techniques to help them awaken.

00:00 Intro
00:27 How Twin Flames are Connected
01:06 Can your Twin flame forget you
02:33 It’s PREPARATION & not separation phase
03:34 Will your twin flame forget about you?
04:59 Intense Emotional Experiences are not forgotten
06:09 Why he is running?
07:04 Why Separation Happens?
09:14 Twin’s Awakening
10:39 Summary
11:39 Outro

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