Workshop – Twin Soul Phenomena – 13th August 2017

Answer these questions:

  • Are you in a relationship but still feel an incompleteness?
  • Are you single and looking for divine soul partner?
  • Do you feel that a part of your soul is missing?
  • Do you have a feeling that someone significant is going to enter your life?

Join this Workshop to Meet and Understand About Your Twin Soul.

Date: Sunday 13th August 2017
Time: Morning 10:00 A.M.  – 1:00 PM (3 Hours)
Location: #2594 Phase 11, Sector 65, Mohali, Punjab, India, 160062, Back side of Singh Sabha Gurudawara
Contact: +91-94780-16938

Note: Must book your seat in advance.

    Energy Exchange:  Rs 2000/person

Workshop Content :

  • A 1 hour deep meditation related to twin soul, Soul purpose and healing of subconscious negativity and blockages,
  • A 2 hour presentation explaining ‘Twin Soul Phenomena’ to answer following:
    1. What is relation between a SOUL, TWIN RAY, SOULMATE?
    2. What is Twin Flame/Twin Soul?
    3. Oh My God, I am already in a relationship and my twin also have a family? How will we get united?
    4. Tools for smooth experience on this journey
    5. How to check your progress on this journey?
    6. And More….

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