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Twin Flame Mission

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You must have heard big words that twin flames are here to transform the planet to uplift it into higher dimensions.

So Is the twin flame mission to help planet earth in ascension? OR What exactly is the twin flame mission?

We will explain the twin flame mission with the journey of a real twin flame couple Tinku & Tina, and how they are fulfilling their twin flame mission.

You can watch the video series to learn more about Tinku and Tina.

Some background

In our video on twin flame finances and jobs, we explained that Tinku worked as a consultant and Tina was also doing business.

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It was enough for their Worldly needs but it was not fulfilling for their soul.

They felt a kind of emptiness and a yearning to help and guide other people but they did not know how they can do so.

Starting Inner work

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They both started inner work and learned spiritual sciences like meditation techniques, past life regression, reiki energy healing, energy clearing techniques, and life coaching.

They wanted to teach these spiritual sciences to other people who were suffering in their life.

After practicing this science for a year or so, they asked for permission from their spiritual master to teach these tools to others.

Permission from Spiritual Master

Their master knew that they were not ready yet.

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The master told them to first imbibe all the teachings on themselves and heal themself more, which will take a couple of more years and when they are trained enough, then they can teach others.

Master told them that they don’t have to go to every person to heal them.

Instead, all they need to do is perform their own healing and with their raise in consciousness, everyone around them will get healed, plus their ancestors will also get healed.

In the meantime, they can do their training under guidance from the master.

Practice session

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So as a part of their training, they started to practice all these tools and techniques on other people by giving one-to-one or group sessions and those people started to get healed.

This was enough motivation for them to keep moving ahead in practicing these healing modalities and helping others in healing themselves.

Hundreds of people got healed by these tools.

But this was not enough.

Serving Guru’s dream


Their spiritual master wanted to set up an academy of spiritual sciences.

So they played their part by working under the guidance of their spiritual master and setting up the academy.

This was also a kind of apprenticeship for them, as they got a chance to work under their master to learn things practically.

The goal of this academy was to help as many people as they can and not just one city or one state or one country.

To serve the bigger purpose they had to close this academy and think of working on a bigger scale.

Online presence

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Then they started working online and reaching out to people across the planet via the medium of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

They started to make videos in their field of expertise in spirituality, to guide others who are looking for answers related to the same field, and their soul tribe automatically got attracted toward them.

Online classes

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Then they started taking online classes and teaching meditations, healing, and other spiritual sciences.

They also requested their spiritual master to bless these students in online classes.

This was a new thing for the spiritual master, as earlier, such blessings were only given in an ashram kind of setting.

But as it was happening as per Divine guidance, so the master agreed.

Creating Healers and Teachers

They are creating healers and teachers by teaching spiritual sciences to the desiring and deserving students.

These students are further spreading the peace to everyone around them and this chain reaction is helping to cleanse the planet from the inside out.

Healing masses

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As their self-practice grew and their consciousness is expanding, they are receiving new guidelines and powers from the divine to help humanity.

They are now helping in mass healing with the blessings of their spiritual master and they are uplifting the whole planet by clearing its energy in their own way.

Do all twin flames leave their existing work and move to become teachers?

Someone asked this question Do all twin flames have to do work related to spiritual jobs?

Can Twinflames become politicians, officers, or business people or can they do Acting, Teaching?

The answer was given by our spiritual teacher Maha Guru Yogi BuddhaDeva.

Not every twin flame doing Inner work will leave their jobs.

  • Some of these will completely shift to become teachers of Inner work,
  • Some of them will continue their current jobs,
  • And some will shift to new jobs wherever their soul contracts take them.

No matter what work they do, they will help others around them in healing by using their inner work techniques.

You can keep on doing your current jobs or studies to get a job in your desired field.



To summarize, When the Twin flame pair is united in Unconditional Love, they become a permanent gateway to the higher dimensions.

It enables high vibrational energy to spread from their energy bodies and out to others, benefiting not only themselves but anyone who comes into contact with them.

This is a cosmic plan or we can call it the twin flame mission to cleanse the whole earth through twin flames, to uplift the collective energies to a higher vibration of love, peace, and unity.

As the spiritual master said, First imbibe all the teachings in you and your vibration will start healing others.

You don’t have to reach out to every human being to help them.

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Instead, you have to become a lighthouse.

Remember a lighthouse does not run around ships to save them.

It just gives light to anyone who needs direction in their journey.

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