Twinflames Innerwork

Before I met Ritu mam and Param sir. My life situation was this, I am totally in a mood of my life ended. I don’t have now anything to do in my life. My Twin was my last hope for keeping myself happy. But when he left me on April 12, 2020. I have only hope God. I surrender myself.

With Gods grace, for 2 months April and May I was searching so many you tube channel to relieve my pain, and to get my person and his love back in my life, why only these things happening with me, i am not doing any wrong to anybody. But every time I only suffer lots of pain. I have seen lot of Videos LOA, English twin flame channels, mantras so much videos. Finally with divine blessings, I got the video of Sir and Mam. They have clearly explained about twin flame journey each and every pain, every situation they have explained. Finally all places solution was only inner work and self love. Then I decided to do inner work with sir and mam.

I am their with them from July 2020 to Dec 2020 . Its really miracle happened, that slowly I am matured, I am balanced, I understood that this is not a romantic connection, this journey is to serve my soul purpose. But both are clearly guided us that whatever happens its good for all.

Before I join with them, I didn’t know my future. now its really a miracle, divine life I am living with my soul family. I learned Self Love, I am doing Yoga, Chakras Healing, I am spending time for myself, my happiness, I am now independent. Ritu Mam designed my life like a Sculptor. And one important thing Both sir and mam never leave us after teaching something, they encourage us till we get change in our life. They Keep on following up with various program to motivate us, so that we do things with interest. I am totally changed, my figure, my beauty, my behavior, my maturity of handling things. Now I have lot of things to do in my life. I am learning Reiki, Life coach, other divinely guided whatever coming in my way I am doing to change my life and to do my soul purpose.

Finally about my DM. its really a miracle happening, how much he changed no words, how much his life is evolving, his behavior with me. He don’t know about this Journey. He always say that you are my positive energy. He says that our relationship is not normal relationship. you are gods gift to me. I am slowly trying to teach him Breathing practice, meditation, all things.

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