Twin Flame -Basic Inner Work

Dear Param Sir/ Ritu Mam,

It was a pleasure & life-changing experience I felt in my basic inner work session.

To be very honest with you till 1-4th class [session] I was practicing almost every day but later 5-6th class due to some personal & professional interference I was not connected to my inner work exercise but to keep calm & study I was practicing breathing exercises taught in inner work session.

The best part which I experience is both Sir & Madam had through the twin flame journey so they easily understand our concerns & situation because of this we are getting exact suggestions or guidance for our problems. Specially & specifically energy of Param Sir was very positive which getting reflect all the time during the session.

Sir’s counter questions from all of us were magical & smooth secondly from Ritu’s mam we had just a 1-day session for stretching & breathing exercises which was very useful for our daily routine.

One thing I realised is that if I practise all the kriyas & energy cleansing tools regularly I will surely get the benefit of it on my personal relationship & professional career.

I will definitely practise & work on my inner work every day as per the guidance provided on web site.

Thanks & Regards,
Bharat Nikam

Om Namah Shivay