Reality can be created

There was something new in each session which helped me to grow as an individual and as a Life coach.

The course made me understand the technique of creating a balance between logic and emotion.

On one hand, it provided the scientific explanation of human nature and the purposes for their actions while on the other hand, knowing that balance can be created through meditation, visualization and other scientific techniques to keep the focus on the desired outcome that the individual needs.

The learning process of the program was that each participant had to apply the techniques for self-coaching, it helped a lot to understand how the particular technique will work.

During the course, I have dealt with many of my issues and got positive outcomes and I healed my hurts and pain too.

That practical understanding provided me with insights into various aspects of a particular situation, what possible scenarios may occur as a professional Life coach and what different approaches can be applied.

During the session, if a participant was comfortable sharing their issue the opportunity was given to the aspirants to deal with provided tools and techniques.

This practice doubled the benefit for us.

We were receiving the best possible solution to our issues and getting a real practice session simultaneously.

I thank Universe for guiding me to join the course.

I Thank our Mentors for putting so much effort into us.