My life is totally changed from the day one because of inner work.

At first I was puzzled as My marriage was love marriage. But gradually I become less interested in my wife. So felt I am a character less person.

Other such puzzling facts were:

  1. I have everything in my life but why I am unhappy.
  2. Why my twin hurt me so much? But I love her so much.
  3. Why I am so much attracted to a special girl? This fact give me pain but I can’t resist myself.
  4. Why this girl loves me so much knowing the fact that I am a married person?
  5. I always feel that every thing is happening because of my fault.
  6. Why I can’t resist myself? I should resist myself otherwise it will be the cause of destruction.

My life is totally changed from the day one because of inner work. The tools and techniques provided by Param sir and Ritu Om mam related to twin flame journey are very much helpful for inner peace and self control.

My understandings:
1) Now I understand my twin is my inseparable part.
2) Everything is happening under divine’s will.
3) This journey is an examination taken by Universe so that we can understand our soul purpose.
4) This journey is a soul contract between me and my twins. Our karmic partners are also involved in this contract. This contract was signed before we took birth on the earth.
6) If universe did not provided me this type of journey, I would never have come to understand that what is Spirituality and Divine love .
7) It is happening so that we can remember or find out our soul purpose.
8) Twin flame union is impossible until my karmic baggage are cleared .
9) As per my understanding it is not only the journey to be united with your twin, it’s a journey to recognize yourself .
10) I have come to know that our karmic partners are important part of our journey and so we should give them respect.
11) I understand value of self love.
12) To love my twin means to love myself.
13) I have nothing in my hand except inner work, rests will be done by universe.
14) If I uplift my vibration through inner work,the level of my twin’s vibration will be automatically uplifted.

Benefits of inner work that i see now in me:
I ) I had become calm and cool day by day. I find inner peace.
2) My twin can’t hurt me so much.
3) Now I know how to control my emotions .
4) My personality has been changed. At least I become better human .
5 ) Now I feel lucky that universe or God give me this journey.
6) Now I can forgive anyone including myself by using tools given to me by our teachers.

Now it is clear to me everything is happening under the divine’s will for the highest good of everyone. Everything will be happen in a harmonious way.

Difficulties :
Now my twin is married. It is not a headache .
But I have a children with my karmic partner or soulmate . He is 3 years old. I love him so much.
I know that everything what will happen for the highest good of everyone but I feel pain for my son. My karmic partner is very good person.
Sometimes, I think I am not doing justice with her. But I know my thinking is nothing but an illusion. Everything will be alright in divine time.

It was a blessing of God that you both(sir and mam) have came to my life like angels. I have seen ray of hope after joining your classes. You are so kind to us. You are like friend, philosopher and guide to us. If I love my twin, I should do my inner work properly with 100 percent dedication.

Thanks God or universe to give me this journey.
Thank u sir and mam.
Thank u angels.
Thank u divine power.
Thank you spirit guide.
Thank u all involved characters in my journey .