My Life coaching program Experience

Practicing inner work and bringing it in your routine will lead to growth and evolution of consciousness. And as we learn more spiritual sciences we gain wisdom gradually. Same goes with the life coaching program.

Life coaching program combined with the inner work when engrained in the sub – conscious mind we bring the self growth effortlessly by practicing it in an efficient way.
With my learning I have experienced a level of growth in my personality and in my consciousness because as we gain knowledge we keep on growing effortlessly and with the curiosity we aim to learn more.
Sir and mam has put a great effort in designing it in a way that while learning, we develop a sense of understanding the journey in a simple and effective manner and the best thing happens that you will be able to acquire an independent nature of problem solving capacity with their guidance.

This journey is all about balancing your life by seeking wisdom for the soul’s evolution, which means doing spiritual practices while living in this world. It will develop a sense of balance we always want to create in our life.
With the practice when it is engrained in sub- conscious , it simply becomes a part of our life effortlessly. There will be a modification and growth in your perception to live this beautiful life. This program has made me self reliant. The learning makes your growth unstoppable. So its good to invest your time in yourself for the self growth.

The guidance and directions we get from our teachers is a crucial part which everyone need at some point of their life, which cannot be ignored.
This is a self growth program and program of evolution of consciousness.
God bless our both the teachers.
Grateful 💕🙏

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