My experience

My twin flame journey before meeting Ritu Om mam and Param sir-

I met my twin flame in childhood in school. When I see my journey started from childhood it appears like a movie in front of me where I can now clearly see everything and observe from where the journey started.

I was unaware till now about him as my twin and unaware about the word ‘twin’ even after getting all the signs and hints. I was still unaware of what was going on with me till now as I am in my 20s. I was always ignorant of signs and dreams because this whole thing is like a dream which we want to forget after we wake up from sleep because it doesn’t look real in this world of illusions and we forcefully want to apply logic in everything. But who knows what we are going through is away from logic and illusions.

But finally a time comes where you have to surrender to god because nothing is in your hands that you can control. I came to know that I am in a twin flame journey after getting lots of confirmations to lots of doubts from my research from internet.

After doing research from various sources I watched the video of sir and mam that appeared randomly as recommended videos. I watched their each and every video and my concept about twin flame was getting clear with each day.

After coming in contact with sir as my teacher, he appeared as a life saving jacket. But gradually I came to know he was not a life saving jacket who is there to help but he was there to teach us how to swim with his guidance and directions. There was great difference between my change of perception. Because teacher’s guidance is only to make us self dependent through his knowledge, guidance, directions.

Changes in life situations after doing inner work
Today I see myself as a transformed person as I was before. And when you are changed for good you see your reflection in others. I was amazed to see the change in my surroundings , in my near and dear ones and everything I saw whether its nature, birds, animals or any creature of god ,everywhere i found myself different and my perception of thoughts , viewing things was changed and still changing and getting clarity of life. I started viewing life from a different perspective where life and death are just illusions. The truth is inside us and simple. But human brain makes it complex. Things cannot be explained in words they can be just felt. Its beautiful.

I am not in contact with my twin from past few years but my perception to see him is also changed. Its amazing to know just because of him I came on this divine path.

Only guru knows how to make his crawling student walk and walking student run…Without guidance of sir as my guru I would not have been living in bliss merely in 6 months. It may have took me years to become neutral and loving my life like this.

The transformations I see feels like rebirth for me. I can differentiate between white ,grey and black. This bliss is a feeling which cannot be described in words. It can only be felt.

Thank you Sir and Mam for your guidance and the spread of your divinity in our life.