My experience with course

🙏Thanks to mam, sir, God, gurujan,
Most important thing which I realised is, to fullfill our wishes/desires anything stop us is our own beliefs.
Negative beliefs need to be clear to achieve goals from our sub concious mind, than anything is possible.
We should recognise blessings of our life and pay gratitude towards it to the Universe.
It help our mind to give energy on positive side of our life, postive attract positivity in our life.

After practical session with Mam, I am able to write what I want and speak what I want, to work on what I want. I faced my fears and taken the actions. as taken action fear disappeared as it was never there.
I taken responsibility of my life thanks to divine. As God always guides and with us. We have to follow their guidance and work on ourself on our subconscious mind reprogramming.
Thank you,

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