My experience of inner work

  • I have been in TF journey from last 15 years, rather I would say I have successfully completed 15 years of this relationship..with lots of ups and down..lots of pain, doubts n question why did this happen to me at first place..what wrong I had done to anyone that god punished me..the pain was so much that I was not happy from inside n it was affecting my other relationships too..And when what I assumed the reality and accepted it as the reality and was just about to give up on this relation i came across Param sir n Ritu mam.
  • I dont know whether there are real angels or not but sir n mam I consider u as my angels, my guide. Someone who has helped me understand this relationship..with whom I cud share this secret n not only shared got guidance also.
  • Started with classes and started doing inner work. This inner work has helped me immensely to understand that whatever has happened between me and my TF was not just happening it was chosen by us..we chose to come as TF and to learn a lot many lessons in this life. To come into harmony with ourselves. To grow as a human being..this relation is not only about love with each other its about understanding who we are actually. Inner work for me sounded little confusing.. most of us have this question…” what is inner work” so here Param sir n Ritu mam played the most important role to make us understand what is inner work n how to do it..
  • Lot of negativity surfaced during this phase..but then mam said its good..everything that’s happening is good..let it happen…i was more aware of my own behavior rather then pointing out others how they r supposed to behave n expecting a lot out of them , i started changing my behavior and started accepting others as they are..they are in my life for a reason😊..
  • I became much more easy going with my TF ..and there i started to see the change..the more i started working on my self it seemed i was working on my TF. Lots of different phases came. There were times when i dint feel like doing the homework given by mam but i kept pushing myself. All the doubts n answer that i kept asking God was inside me. They were answered.
  • I understood we can do nothing about our karmic they are here to teach us something, probably to help us grow. Let them do what they are supposed to do.
  • Ritu mam, your energy cleansing sessions have worked wonders to me. Cleared a lot of things from my subconscious and the things that used to bother me earlier now dont even come to my mind.
  • These classes have changed my personality, i have become much more calmer in lots of life situations. It has given immense peace of mind. Getting into this course has really made me think less about my TF . It has forced me to think about who and what i am. It has made me realize that soul union is more important then physical union.
  • My twin flame has changed to an extent that now he wants to start with meditation, not even knowing about twin flame concept. But i feel that i needed this course a lot more then my TF . Now i feel he is much more understanding and loving then i have been. He has always trusted me more then i have. I just feel he is still left with few more karmic lessons. Things will fall into place when the divine wishes..but we are in peace and love. Accepting each others life situations and no more whys from god.
  • Thank you sir and mam for making this change happen to my life. Thanks is a very small gesture. But i truly value the work and efforts u r putting to change others and to make people grow and understand the divine. To help us get into harmony with ourselves. We still have a long way to go. I would thank everyone and every situation that has come into my life.. i thank god for giving this blissful life. And thank you sir n mam once again to guide us every single day.