Life Transforming

My experience in my innerwork program has been very blissful. From a confused state to a blessed state.

When I joined innerwork I was in a very obsessed energy towards my TF. Extremely chaotic situation. But as I started doing my kriya practices and healing tools everything started shifting.

My fears, doubts, beliefs shattered and I am in all positive energies. I am connected to Divine powers. I was handling all the triggers with the help of tools given by our teachers.

I became self sufficient and started loving myself. Understood the deeper meaning of twinflame journey and how to navigate in this journey.

Ritu Mam and param sir are angels in our lives. I am full of Gratitude towards them.

I pray to Divine that all the people who are on this Twinflame journey are guided to do this innerwork program and feel blessed 🙌