Life transformational journey

I would like to start from my past life experience.. before starting inner twin n I was in relationship since 11 yrs n we decided to get married.

All the families were ready but all of sudden without any reason he cheated on me n married with other girl bcz of family pressure.

That shock was so horrible that I was about to go for suicide.

Within some days of depression param sir’s ritu ma’am k videos mere samne aye.

I saw all the videos n talked to param sir.

As sir said I started inner work class in July 2020..but I had started this journey to get my twin any how.

But later on as we go beyond I have started noticing that my consciousness has raising day by day. Every kriya n tool gives miraculous results, specially in connection tool when I say to my twin anything in connection tool same day he comes to my dream. He is with me anytime I feel.

Now I have come to this stage that I dnt have any fear of society.

Even I dnt feel physical need of my twin..ek time tha k main hyper ho jati thi n jab tak jisne bhi hurt kiya hai usko hurt na karu tab tak main rukti nahi thi, ye stage thi but ab koi kuch trigger kare to bhi main easily 1 sec me forgive kr deti hu.

I got connection with divine now .daily work bhi divine guidance se hote hai..

Now ‘life coach program’ is also helping a lot to understand this journey better..

Now I don’t have any questions in my mind that why all this happened to me .

I knw the answer now.

I am really grateful n thankful to param sir n ritu ma’am for showing this peaceful path and I am proud that I m in this twin flame journey. 🙏🙏🙏

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