Journey towards ascension

Inner work and life coaching changed my personality in so many ways.
– It changed my way of thinking. Now I think very positive and where things are not in my control, I just surrender myself, surrender to divine power. It thought the beauty of surrender, acceptance and openness to the situations/tests and people.
– I started to love myself in an actual way. I prioritize myself. I empower myself. I trust myself. I know myself. I honor myself. I understood that when you focus on yourself and self-growth, it is not selfishness. Selfishness is when you harm others for yourself.
– Started to magnetize people, things, and opportunities on a daily basis.
– I started to look things as third party prospective. I don’t analyze. I don’t assume. I don’t keep any belief. I don’t desire. I don’t react. I know everything is as it should be. If I carry any low energy of this thing, I have tools and kriyas to raise me.

Kriyas and tools taught in inner work program helped me to understand the scenes, how to handle professional and personal life and Life coaching helped me to deal with it more and more. I am very very grateful of my teachers Param sir and Ritu mam for first of all appearing in my life and then teaching me yogic science.

I am very blessed to have an amazing teachers like Param sir and Ritu mam in my life. I am in happy; peace and blissful state and the credit goes to my teachers who taught me Kriyas and provided me tools. Kriyas and tools itself has lot of power.

If you are reading this, believe me everything that I said is from my heart and I am experiencing. I hope this program also transform yourself and bring more happiness, love, peace, bliss in your life. I wish you very good luck.