Inner work 1

The experience was awesome. I come to know what is Twin Flame from your video on YouTube. Which resonates with my situation. I find lots of answers to my questions. And find a way to handle and understand the situation. And most important I start understanding myself instead of my twin.😀 am so grateful for this course.😇🙏

This course brings me close to my Gurudev, I daily practice Sudarshan kriya.

Wo mai aur payr se karni lagi.

Whatever I learn in the course I can connect with Gurudev’s teachings. This course simply speeds up my sadhana.

Also, gate a chance to connect with maha guru yogi buddhadeva ji. Who help me solve my problems. I am so grateful for that. 😇🙏

Things I learned from the course are to have patience, and at the right time right things get revealed.

In 1st session, many questions arises in my mind and I ask to, but after that, I wait for one or two days and think about that suddenly while doing a sadhana answer pop up in my mind, or got clarity through any video, or article, or any unknown source.

After that, I became more conscious and started to listen to my intuition, and feeling. Still need to know more about myself.

Your limited guidance is really helpful to us, it makes us more self-sufficient.

The way of looking at the situation gets changed. Now it is like, everything happens under divine will.

I am still waiting for the exact meaning of the number 369 for me 😃 but also enjoying this waiting.

Previously I listen about forgiveness but here first time I forgive myself.
The tools effortlessly increase self-love.
I attained Ritu mams heal your heart session it was just mind-blowing.

I feel lucky I got mentors like Ritu Mam and Param sir. 😇😍 the tools they teach give an intense experience and deep cleansing.
Thank you so so much mam & sir for your love and guidance🙏🙏🙏

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, I am sharing my experiences here, I am so grateful for it.

Gurudev always says that Guru Purnima is the day we have to sit and look back on what we learned, kal kaha the aur aaj kaha ho, what progress we did, and plan out what we have to do in the future.

Having a guru in life is the biggest fortune we have.
Today I am so happy and grateful that I have lots of things to show him( improvement in myself).

There is a lot to share and I also know the journey just began and a lot to learn. Will be in touch.

Once again thank you so much all twin flame coach team. 🙏🙏🙏