Experience with Life Coaching Course

Namaste sir, I feel blessed as I got an opportunity to be a part of this course.

I got the answers of all the questions related to twin flame journey. I got clear picture where I am and where need to go by trusting divine.

I understand the beauty of this journey. After getting through this course I feel blessed and lucky that I am part of this journey.

By tools which we have learn through life coaching, inner work, chakra healing, kriyas My doors for abundance of happiness, joy, love, peace, wealth, has started opening.

Easily I am able to manifest anything by keeping intentions and attentions coherent.

Now whatever situation is there, My goal with my twin is eternal and my trust is unbreakable now.

I got confidence. Yes it is destined to happen, just I have to work as divine instrument and as per their guidance as everything is happening and going perfectly as per divine will.

I feel as I am surrounded by all soul friends. I feel as every one helping me to reach my goal.

I do not suppress or pass on Or escape my triggers, I accept them and give my best to heal by your taught methods.

I choose to not dwell in any situation or any trauma. I got courage to work and come out of them.

I understand & learnt to keep myself in balance as much as possible, yes still I am learner in this. “But for all questions by Life Coaching Golden rules & questions” I am able to help myself and others without getting drained.

I understand difference between sympathy & compassion by this course and their importance in day to day life.

It make me to going to look at every area & aspects of my life of my inner world bravely by going deeper & deeper.

I go into My healing more faster by learning techniques from Param sir and Mam.

Its beautiful impact I see in my family members and in twin too.

Thank you and gratitude words are very small.

You both are angels for me, which divine sent to help me and guide me in this beautiful divine journey.

Please you both always keep your blessings on Me and on Us.

Thanks & regards,