Energy clearing

My interaction with Yogi Jnana Param was very useful.

I immediately felt he has deep spiritual experience and knowledge and he is very practiced in meditation. So he was able to lead me into a peaceful meditative state where we set the intention to clear some residual negative energy.

First my inner child released something what wasn’t serving her anymore. Then his guided meditation helped me to go into a deep state when I – as a shared consciousness with my twin – released chords with past lovers.

It was very intense and powerful and we were able to lovingly let go even the last person who felt we/my twin owe her with anything.

I loved the state of clean togetherness with my twin and could feel how he is not interested in anyone else just me. In that deep state I could release another false belief from my consciousness what held us in a not so frequent physical interaction with my twin.

I enjoyed how in that deep meditative state clearing these energies was so easy.

I highly recommend working with Yogi Jnana if you wanna quickly feel lighter and release negative energies.