Divine experience

GURU Saaksaht PARBRAMH, This is what I got from the life coach course,

this is the best course that changes my thinking pattern, and my behaviour pattern, whenever I find an issue or hurdle in my journey, in the next life coach session I find answers through Ritu om ma’am and Param sir.

Both are divine, they are true GURU which lift me from the place of darkness and took me to the light.

Each word spoken by both is Divine Guidance, life coach course change my whole perspective towards every situation that happens in my life or surrounding,

This course brings me from resistance to Acceptance, unaware to awareness, Ego to love, and anger to peace,

it is perfect guidance that leads us to Sakshibhav.

The life coach course definitely coaches us in our journey and It makes best coaches for others too,

during the life coach course, we have attunements by Gurudev Maha Guru Buddhadevji, and it was the best experience, by these blessings, we overcome blocks in learning.

Thank you Param sir thank you Ritu om ma’am and Thank you Gurudev Maha Guru Buddhadevji, and Thank you PARAM PITA PARMTMA, for this Divine experience.

I love you All and God bless us all.🙏