Can’t thank enough for the

Can’t thank you enough for the learnings I have got.

When the classes started I felt like this was Reality.

It’s more like getting to know human behaviour.

Why certain people behave in certain ways & how a Life Coach should gaze & guide the person standing at the Hill Top looking into the exact location of the Coachee on his/her journey & guiding them with the utmost positivity, patience & wisdom.

Learnings were not just restricted with theory but it ended up with all the action items a coach must learn to implement.

We got a lot of privilege to ask about the personal & individual life issues we face in our spiritual life as well as personal & professional life, by the end of every session which is itself not less than a personal session with teachers.

I also understood the difference between listening to a client’s challenge, perceiving it one layer deeper, knowing how/what exactly the client’s need is way different & deeper than what the client is explaining & then laying out the solution in a way that pulls out the deep answers from within the client itself.

We were given several opportunities to have Hands-On practice with other students under the supervision of Ritu Maam & Param Sir, which made us super confident about diving into Coaching people around us.

The depth of every lesson is so helpful that all you need is to look back at the recordings & you will find all the solutions to your life issues.

Thanks to Ritu Ma’am & Param sir.

Every class is Gem.

I am Blessed 🙏🙏