One day I met a person Yogi Param on YouTube who just make me empowered to handle not only this twin flame journey but to live a life with joy and peace.

Sir you are an angle on this planet. I always sense that divine energy in yours aura. We didn’t realized when we reached a higher level just by holding your finger.

I find kriyas are the best part of this program.Sir you just make me reach a state when a difficult circumstances come
Externally we say ” WHAT”😟 to a place
Internally we say “SO WHAT”😌

And I believe that every person should do the inner work to find real happiness within.

Thank you is such an small word towards your humbleness and care. May you make more people healed to take the earth in a new dimension.

I feel so fortunate to have you in my life.
Lots of love and peace.