I have found the answers of a lot of unknown questions in my life

◆◆◆The journey of twin flame is an important part of my life. I have found the answers of a lot of unknown questions in my life. I am really grateful to God,the angels & the universe for making me a part of this journey. However, I am especially grateful to param sir and ritu ma’am as i always get themselves standing beside me and supporting me as much as they can. I have not witnessed real angels till now but to be honest I consider param sir and ritu ma’am are my angels in real life. They are someone who has helped me to understand the real meaning of this relationship by starting the inner work classes.

I had no conception about twin flame and twin flame journey. But when i met with my twin a lot of questions arise in my mind and then i just got too much puzzled. Since I was finding the answers of such type of questions like-
▪I don’t know why she was looking like a missing part of my body.
▪Why a irresistible magnetic pull was working between us
▪Why she looked like I had known her for ages.
▪When we were together outer world seemed to be disappear and time just runs away too much quickly.
▪why I started to notice the angelic numbers and signs.
▪why I felt like that I was meeting someone whom I already known previously and she already knows me too.
In search of finding the answers of such type above questions I found the videos of Param Sir and Ritu ma’am in YouTube. Then I contact with param sir and after consulting with him about this matter I joined the inner work classes.

●●●Before doing inner work:●●●●●

▪I felt lost in life & didn’t know what to do.
▪I didn’t know exactly who I actually was .
▪I felt lonely.
◆ I couldn’t sleep well at night.
▪I frequently got into fights with others.
▪I felt unmotivated.
▪I had no confidence in myself.
▪I had really low self-esteem.
▪My thoughts were almost constantly negative.
▪I couldn’t easily trust anyone.
▪i felt that life wasn’t real.
◆ My life was getting in-animated.
▪combined with anger, my depression found ways to convince me i was naturally a bad person.
▪I believed that the universe was against me.

▪I used to allure towards the wrong human companion.
▪I had self-destructive behavior.
▪I had many strong emotional triggers.

▪I was reluctant to talk to others.

●●Benefits of inner work:●●

Inner work is any kind of psychological and spiritual practices. It help us to stay in higher vibrations. It is a necessary process of personal transformation, soul growth & evolution. By doing inner work a person is able to access his subconscious mind, dormant memories, knowledge & wisdom.

◆ I have become more righteous.
◆ I am now living my life free of thoughts.
▪I am now feeling very much lively and very much fresh.
▪I learn to accept my basic worth and rights.
▪Inner work helps me to bring more understanding and forgiveness towards myself and others.
▪gradually my intuition power has increased.
◆ my mental attitude is much better now.
▪I understands the value of self-love.
◆ I am now capable to accept the reality instead of fighting against it.
▪I come to know that it is very important to love myself to attract my twin.
▪Now i am very much a cool and calm minded person and now i am not getting angry frequently.
▪I am now in total control of my emotions in different situations.
▪I hear more of my heart now.
▪Now i am very much in control of my emotional pains like-anxiety, worry, fear, frustration.
◆ Now I have been learned to live within myself.
▪Now I am able to get rid of my loneliness.
▪I have been able to overcome the obstacles in everyday life.
▪Now I am very much clear from my heart and constantly thinking about positives.
▪I am now leading my life in a meaningful manner.

◆◆Still i have to go a long way to reach towards my goal. But I am very much confident about the fact that if you both(sir and ma’am)can support me like you have done so far, one day i will definitely achieve my goal…..