(HINDI) Twin Flame Energy Work1 min read

(HINDI) Twin Flame Energy Work

(HINDI) How Energy Clearing Works? | Jnana Param

As everything is energy, so any kind of pain is also an energy and thus all painful thoughts, experiences and memories are also energy.

The methods or process used to clear pain is called energy clearing, means clearing the energy that is influencing your current life in any way and thus is affecting your decisions and choices going forward.

In order to get get into harmonious union with your twin, you can also use energy clearing in other ways like:

  • To clear Sadness and heal the reason for sadness,
  • To clear Any commitments or promises that you have done to others which cannot be fulfilled, which otherwise would take many life times to get cleared.
  • To clear Negative attachments
  • To clear any foreign energy between you and your twin,
  • To clear Any negativity that you are feeling from your twin,
  • To get guidance from your spirit guides and soul of your twin that can help you resolve issues in your life quickly.
  • To help awaken your unawakened twin.
  • And finally to have soul merge on at least spirit plane, so that there is no more pain left.

In short, energy clearing can be used to heal any issues that are affecting your current life due to current or past negative experiences.



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