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Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

Many people ask this question that Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

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0:00 Intro
0:19 What is spirit world?
1:18 When twin flames are created?
2:20 What is a timeline?
3:33 Many twin flames are taking birth together
3:58 Twin flame are past lovers
4:38 Does all twin flames take birth together?
5:45 What happens if twin flames have different levels?
6:43 How to know if someone is my twin flame?
7:51 How does inner work helps?
8:11 How to connect with twin flame soul?
8:36 Summary of twin flame journey
9:55 Outro

So Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

YES, every soul have a twin soul i.e. All people whom you know have a twin soul as well.

But many of you have heard that there are not many twin souls, or twin souls are very rare.

In order to understand this, we should first understand the meaning of a Timeline.

Before year 1970 i.e. approximately 50 years back from now, Only very highly evolved twin souls were taking birth in same timelines.

But since last 50 years this has changed i.e. from approximately 1970, Many twin soul pairs are taking birth together in same timeline.

We are not saying that you did not ever take birth in same timeline as your twin soul.

If you had around 200 births on earth till now, then in most of these births, you only met your twin soul on planet earth when one of you was near your death bed i.e. one of you was leaving human body.

But there were few times, lets say may be 2 to 5 times, that you and your twin had taken birth in same timeline.
It was rare to meet in physical bodies because experiencing twin flame connection in physical bodies is very intense and less evolved souls are not able to handle this experience.

So Next question can be that, does twin of every soul is taking birth in same timeline with their twin soul?

In Previous videos we discussed that twin Flames are taking birth in same timeline, in order to help in the ascension of the planet.
They volunteered to take birth in families with difficulties in order to learn what others are going through and then they can help these people in evolution as well.

Only highly evolved twin souls are capable of taking such steps.

As meeting Twin flame also triggers Kundalini awakening, so only those twin soul pairs who have evolved as master souls and are able to handle kundalini awakening, are taking birth in same timeline.

Or we can say that not every twin soul pair is taking birth in same timeline.

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