A Second Chance Therapy: Deception & Revenge


How close friend and family members can turn out to be Deceptive and How journey to past-life helps in understanding and acceptance.

Mr Veer is 25 year old. He had a life with carefree attitude and enjoyed most of it with exception to a heartbreak that happened an year ago.

Following are the list of characters involved(names are changed):

Mr. Jai – Veer’s Cousin brother

Miss Sim – Jai’s Girlfriend

Miss Nim – Veer’s Girlfriend

Sim helped Veer to get in relationship with a girl named Nim. Veer stayed in relationship with Nim for an year and after which the relation broke. After break up, Jai and Sim constantly tortured him with their advises and suggestions. They kept on saying things to him that made him feel more miserable and more helpless but they were saying that they want only good for him and that’s why they were telling him all these things. Veer started to feel anger and frustration. It was as if he was getting burnt and consumed from inside. He spent an year in misery. For the last 15 days after suffering for around an year, he felt easy and then he came in my contact during a group meditation session. He decided to go for personnel session. It was his time to heal by understanding and to get free from this Karma.

We started the session. I took him into a deep relaxing meditative state and started to interact with him, so that he can gain more understanding from his experiences.

Me: Go a little back from today, around 8 months back. What do you see?

Veer: It’s after the breakup. I am with Jai and Sim in their jeep. We are driving. They are continuously talking and making me feel miserable about what has happened. I want them not to bring up this topic but they are not stopping. It is as if they are getting some sort of twisted pleasure by making me feeling miserable. It’s increasing my pain…. I am blank now.

Me: Go to the moment of your breakup. What do you see?

Veer: I am reading the message of break up. I am feeling miserable. Helpless and painful.

Me: Float above this scene.

Veer: (He started laughing) Ha ha ha…. I look so miserable. Such a Fool…

Me: In this moment, go to Nim’s place and see what she is doing?

Veer: She is at her house with her mother. Both are laughing. They are laughing at how they fooled me and got rid of me.

Me: Go to the time when you first met this girl.

Veer: We are sitting on the back seat of my car. I a feeling very happy.

Me: Go to the moment when Nim and Sim planned for your first meeting with Nim.

Veer: I see Sim and Nim in a car. I am not present there. Sim is planning for the meeting. She is telling Nim that it will be real fun to make fool of me. Sim is laughing like a beast.

Me: Go back a little bit before to any significant event.

Veer: I am at disco. Jai and Sim are with me. Sim is trying to get close to me. But I can not get close to her cause my brother Jai is already in love with her. I have to keep my distance from her.

Note: It is possible in deep meditation to see the hidden intentions of others even in time and place where we are not present physically. This is how he understood the deception and lies of the persons so close to him.

The only remaining question was that why they all were doing this. Why he was being deceived and stabbed. To find this answer, we went back in time to one of his past births. After some silence, he spoke..

Veer: I had killed a man. He is Jai…. I killed him.

Me: Which year it is? What is your name here and what is Jai’s name? Why you had killed him?

Veer: It’s 1870. I am well built and strong. My name is Firaag. I am 35 years old. His name is Mohammad. He is my best friend. But he was stalking my daughter. So I had killed him. The daughter I see is my grandmother in current life time. Mohammad’s mother is very angry at me. She is shouting that ‘I will kill you’. She is… she is Sim. I had captured her as well and I had locked her in a room at my house. Now I am abusing and torturing her…… Finally I had killed her by breaking her neck. She kept shouting that she will take REVENGE. My own mother is beating me up for this deed but I have no remorse. I am strong. My mother in this birth is also my mother in current life.

Me: Go to the time when you died in this lifetime

Veer: I am dying. Another best friend of mine has stabbed me in my back. I was strong and could not be killed, so he stabbed me from behind. He is also my best friend in my current life. Ah, Now I know the reason why I feel this friend is not trust-able in current life.

Me: Leave the body and see what happens.

Veer: I am floating and going upwards. Feels like I am going to meet God. My mother who died earlier then me is also here. She had held me in her arms. I am peaceful and relaxed.

Me: Review everything and see what is that you understand.

Veer: They are not good for you. Don’t let them come back in your life. Stay away from them.

As we came to know the reason for all that had happened with him in this life, so we exited the scene. Inside this deep meditation, I instructed him to practice ‘Forgiveness‘ for everyone who had hurt him and whom he had hurt, knowingly or unknowingly. He felt deeply relaxed after the forgiveness exercise.


Visiting his past life gave him the answer for his suffering in this life time. He received the message to stay away from Jai, Sim and another of his best friend who were the cause of suffering for him in current life. Sometimes we have to create distance from family members and friends who are toxic for us. Its called self love i.e. first take care of yourself and then work for others.

Friends and family members are hard to get rid off because they present themselves in a very convincing way. Also we had shared many life experiences with them and have physical/mental/emotional dependencies on each other. So we tend to let our guard down for them while ignoring the fact that they are probably going to repeat the same behavior again. ‘A Second Chance Therapy’ session can help one to identify the true intentions of someone who is being deceiving and manipulative.

It is yet to see whether Veer will be able to stay away from them. Time only knows.

God bless him.

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