Why do some people on Earth know their soul mission while others do not?2 min read

Reason why you do not know your mission

  1. You have to be on a good spiritual level to know your mission. If you are on the wrong path, you are very far away from the first mission of self-improvement, so the question of service does not even arise.
  2. Your subconscious mind has to be open so that you will be able to recognize your mission. If you are extremely logical and ignore your instinct, you are running away from your true purpose. The physical mind can be a hindrance when it becomes too analytical.
  3. Your mission will be revealed to you only if you are ready for it. If you know about it too soon, it may overwhelm you or make you proud. You must be ready to accept the responsibility of that mission and be able to handle it.
  4. Your level of commitment is vital. How dedicated are you to the spiritual path? If you are consistent, and spirituality is a priority in your life, you will be directed to your true purpose. Sometimes, the efforts that human beings make to understand their missions are halfhearted, so they do not improve or make any progress.

You are a channel for God’s work on Earth; if you pollute yourself by following the wrong path, you are rejecting the opportunity to perform your mission and you will lose your gift. If you are an impure channel, you will not be able to access the guidance from the spirit world that would lead you to your mission and eventually help you accomplish it. Every soul is born for a purpose, but that purpose will be revealed only when you have begun your spiritual journey. Once you discover that purpose and begin fulfilling your mission, you will be truly happy and at peace.

Why some people on Earth know their soul mission while others do not?

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