Twin Flames are always connected1 min read

Twin Flames are always connected

(English) Are twin flames always connected?

It is always possible to send feelings to your Twin even if you’re not physically together.

The Twin Flames are connected on the energetic plane and there is always a cord between the twins – which is why telepathy, feeling each other’s feelings, hear each other’s thoughts comes so easily to so many of us, no matter how far away from each other physically we might be.

Many Twins also feel each other’s presence, and might feel their Twin kissing them or sleeping in bed next to them even when apart.

So When in separation, use this situation to delve into the inner connection between you and your Twin.
Learn the lesson that separation is an illusion, and you will open up to coming together once again.

Even though you are not together physically, for any reason, you can communicate with your Twin and strengthen the connection between you every single day. You can do this even if you’ve never met your Twin before or your twin is in spirit realm, this will work to strengthen the connection, bringing you closer.

(Reference Blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)