(English) Understanding Twin Flame Union | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

(English) Understanding Twin Flame Union | Ritu OM | Jnana Param


Understanding Twin Flame Union in English By Ritu OM and Jnana Param

In previous videos we discussed that every soul have a twin.
It is not necessary that the twin flame of all these people have also taken birth with them in the same timeline.

But still they have twin flames, even if their twins are in spirit world.

This give rise to another question that, does Twin Flame UNION means, marriage between two people, as we see on earth plane.
If no, then What is meaning of Union?

It is not union of your bodies only. It is the union of your soul with your twin’s soul. And that can happen even if your twin is not incarnated.

You can still get out of this state of pain and feeling of incompleteness by working on yourself and getting united with your twin’s soul on soul plane.

Union means a state where you are happy and peaceful within yourself. It means that if your twin is not with you, you are still happy and not longing for them to come and see or meet you. It also means that you need no one around you to feel complete or happy, not your partner, parents, children, relatives, friends or anyone else. If your twin come and meet you, you will become more happy, but if they are not near you, you are still very happy.

So, if you are already married or your twin is already married then you guys dont have to leave your partners or Kids.

Instead, you have to learn tools and techniques that can help you reach the state of union.

If your twin is incarnated then in the process, you will automatically come near to them physically as well, and it will be for the highest good of all, as you will guide others around you to achieve this union with their twin flames as well.

We mean to say that you will guide and help your partner to unite with their twin flame.

We are not saying that you two cannot get married. All we are saying is that whatever happens, will happen for the highest good of all.

It will happen when you reach a state that you are always in a state of bliss whether you are facing joy or sadness, profit or loss, winning or loosing.
And you are just enjoying this movie called life, a state of being called Yogasth.

Many twins are asking that why it has happened with them?

We will answer the question with another question that Are you concerned that why you have met your eternal lover? OR

Are you concerned that why you have have got this chance to experience divine love? OR

Are you concerned that why you are separated from your twin right now or he came so late in life?

The answer is that you and your twin planned for this before taking birth.

Look at bigger picture. Your soul got separated in spirit world and are longing to unite. You two were separated so that there is always someone who is doing their best to help you on your spiritual journey towards liberation/Moksha. Your twin may have Fallen behind and have karma to be cleared.

So you or them went through sufferings to clear ancestors karma OR your own karma OR to understand others pain.

After going through sufferings, when all hopes were lost, you met you twin in this life and experienced a true divine relationship with each other.

Then came the painful part of separation. A phase where you prepare for a cosmic marriage, a marriage of souls.

Only choice now left is to do inner work. With inner work, you rise higher in vibration and thus reach a stable state where the ups and downs of this journey are not able to shake you up.

Once you are able to reach such a state, it’s then that your twin starts to follow you as you two are energetically connected.

You two are here to clear karma and get free from this illusion called Maya and then you two can merge and progress to next universe.

0:00​ Intro
0:21​ Does everyone have a twin in this world?
1:09​ Is UNION means Marriage with twin flame?
2:13​ What is twin flame union?
2:59​ How to get union with twin flame?
3:51​ What is state of yoga?
4:07​ Yogasth Example
5:04​ Why you are twin flame?
5:30​ Bigger Picture of Why do twin flames have so many problems?
6:42​ Meaning of Krishna consciousness
7:23​ What life coach do?
7:44​ Summary understanding twin flame union
7:54​ Outro


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