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How long does Twin Flame reunion take?

In this post we are going to discuss that How long does Twin Flame reunion take? AND How do we know that how much progress we had made on twin flame reunion journey?

Are twin flames are highly evolved?

Twin flames are like those superheroes or Gods, who had forgotten their powers.

As we take birth on earth after forgetting everything, so we are not able to recall our wisdom and knowledge.

And so we think our self as normal human beings and we also try to do the same as others are doing i.e. eat, drink and be marry.

But, Twin flames have the Samskara that they can overcome these limitations of being a normal human being.

Rest of the humanity don’t even have this capability or permission to this inner work.

You must have head of that we can not take God’s name without his permission.

Which souls can do higher practices?

There are some spiritual sciences that can help you awaken at very fast speed, means you can remember your knowledge and wisdom at much faster pace.

Not every one have access or permission to learn these sciences and tools.

Some of you are learning these tools, may be from anywhere or from us in our Basic Inner work 1 Program, and had tried to teach these to their family members.

As per the feedback we had received from our students, their family members don’t pay attention to these tools because, its your journey and your destiny to move on this path, not your family’s path.

So, Only higher souls, Master Souls or twin souls have access to these tools.

So, When twin flame reunion happens?

As you will remember your knowledge and your wisdom, you will get closer to your twin soul into union.

How to check your progress?

How do we know that how much progress you had made on twin flame reunion journey by doing inner work?

If you look at this Vibration chart, you can see that this chart is divided into two parts.

Omega point

Below 250 its Lower Frequency Zone and Above 250 its higher Frequency Zone

This chart is also showing the frequency from 20 to 700+ for each emotion, feelings or mental state that we go through.

What is low vibration state?

If you are staying mostly between 20 to 250, then know that in this frequency twin flames stays in separation.

So if something happened in your past for which you feel

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Apathy means lack of interest
  • Grief
  • Fears like Fear of Abandonment
  • Humiliation
  • Injustice
  • Rejection
  • Desires – that when fulfilled gives joy and when not fulfilled gives Grief or sadness
  • Anger – Someone said something to you and you got angry, things don’t work as you want and so you got angry, someone came to your house without informing and so you got angry, your twin flame did not listen to you or cheated on you and so you got angry
  • Pride – Whatever happening in your life is being done by you
  • Courage – I am very brave and don’t let people cough

If you are mostly staying in these frequencies then currently you have not realized that whatever happening is as per divine’s will, and we are just viewers.

We are not the DOERS, we are just the viewers.

What is high vibration state?

And when you start to realize that you are just a viewer, then you start to reach 250 i.e. Neutrality. Then comes

  • Willingness – readiness to move ahead
  • Acceptance – Everything is acceptable
  • Reason – You start to realize that everything is happening under divine’s will. We are not doing anything but divine is getting it done through us.
  • Love – Unconditional love means you feel same love for every entity, whether its your twin or anyone else.
  • Joy – Always joyful. Whatever happens in your outside circumstances, you are always joyful.
  • Peace – Always peaceful.
  • Enlightenment – Lets not target it. I will only ask you to stay in peace or joy or Unconditional love.

And then you will find your twin besides you.

When twin flames end up together?

If you are a chaser right now, then your twin will start to follow you and come to you, if you stay in these higher frequencies.

In last few videos we had mentioned to do inner work to move ahead in union.

Whatever kind of inner work you are doing, if its helping you to stay between frequency of 250 to 600 for most of the time then understand that your inner work is working for you.

If you are fluctuating between high frequency zone and low frequency zone, then it means that you need to do more work.

And when you will be able to start staying in higher frequencies most of the time, then you will not ask this question that when will I unite with my twin?

And the most wonderful thing between twin flames is that the more you work on your self, the more it will help and effect positively your twin flame because you two share same energy as you two are same soul.

What ever they were doing to hurt you will cease to exists.

So they will also start to stay in higher frequencies.

How to clear twin flame issues?

The outside interference in your relation like

  • Twin Flames already Married to other partners
  • Twin Flame having Children with another partner
  • Different family status, caste or religion
  • Big Age Differences
  • Male much younger then female, especially in Indian society
  • Same Gender twins
  • Non cooperation by Families
  • Unawakened Twin Flame
  • Cheating twin flame
  • Running OR Ignoring by Twin Flame
  • Foreigner twin flame
  • Celebrity Twin flame
  • Or May be some more

All of these will automatically resolve for the highest good of all.

As you keep on doing your inner work, these outside issues will start to vanish.

As you will become awakened fully, these restrictions will fall away and you will be ready to unite.

These restrictions are only there so that you do your inner work to unite.

How to check your progress?

So to summarize that how much progress we had made on twin flame reunion journey, you can keep this Vibration chart as your reference.

Keep on checking that where are you mostly on this scale.

You know that your goal is to reach higher frequency zone, where twin flame reunion happens in harmony.

For E.g. If we have to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi, there are mile-stones on the side of road that tells us that this many kilometers are left to reach destination.

Similarly this vibration chart is your milestone chart that will give you an accurate reading of how much more inner work is to be done to reach an harmonious twin flame reunion.

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