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What is the Twin Flame Origin, When Twin Flames are created and Why do they want to reunite? Let’s understand it.

The spirit realm

Let’s first go through the understanding of the spirit world to understand the twin flame origin.

The spirit world consists of 7 REALMS OR PLANES and Each Realm has 9 stages.

Realm 1 is the lowest and darkest and also the nearest to Earth. It is the most horrible place.

Realm 2 is also horrible, but not as dark as Realm 1

Realm 3 is still better, but yet there is no light.

Realm 4 is an in-between Realm. It is more or less like Earth, where there is both night and day.
It is the Realm in which a human soul starts its life journey.

Realm 5 is the beginning of heaven, which is like a beautiful place on Earth.

Realm 6 is beautiful and always bright throughout, like a sunny day.

Realm 7 is the highest. The people on Earth could never even imagine how beautiful it is.

Twin Flame Origin

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Now that you understand the Spirit world, let’s talk about twin flames.

Every soul in this universe is only one-half of a soul.

When a soul begins its human journey on Realm 4 Stage 5, it is split into two: a male soul and a female soul.

To move out from the spirit world and progress to the next universe, This original male and female soul must eventually reunite on Realm 7 Stage 9 to form the whole soul once again.

Union takes place after numerous lifetimes, after both souls have finished their training on Earth, sometimes as male and sometimes as female, and have paid off their karma and thus the two souls unite to form a whole on Realm 7 Stage 9.

These souls are known as Twin flames or Twin Souls.

Why do twin flames want to reunite?

Twin flames have a deep longing to reunite because their connection is rooted in the very essence of their existence. You see, before embarking on their human journey, when they enter Realm 4 Stage 5 where twin flame origin happens, they undergo a division, splitting into a male soul and a female soul.

The purpose of this division is to enable growth and learning through separate experiences. However, the ultimate goal is for these two halves to come back together as one. This reunion is essential for the soul’s progression into the next universe, which occurs on Realm 7 Stage 9.

To achieve this union, the twin flames go through numerous lifetimes on Earth. They may incarnate as different genders and encounter diverse challenges to learn and grow. Along the way, they also work to resolve their karma, fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations from past actions.

Only when both twin flames have completed their earthly training and cleared their karmic debts can they reunite as a whole soul? The yearning to reunite arises from a profound connection that surpasses physical attraction or emotional attachment. It is a deep-seated knowing that they are incomplete without each other, and their souls strive for unity at the deepest level.

The reunion of twin flames on Realm 7 Stage 9 marks the culmination of their individual journeys, where they merge their energies and consciousness to become a unified entity once again. It is a sacred and transformative experience, representing the fulfilment of their soul’s purpose and the attainment of spiritual wholeness.

Reference Book – The Laws of the Spirit World, Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri

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