What is Twin Flame Journey and Connection with signs and symptoms?6 min read

What is Twin Flame Journey?

The twin flame journey is absolutely fascinating from an energetic perspective and so perfectly organized, while the human part of us struggles with it intensely.

When we read about twin flames, the information beyond the romantic idea usually is all about finding the energetic balance. That is only half of the truth. Twin Flames are not only here to balance their spiritual-energetic aspects. They are mainly here to embody the new energetic templates of unconditional love. And that era has just begun.

“I have done so much energetic balancing work, I have connected with my twin regularly energetically in meditation, I have let go so many times, etc, etc… and yet my twin flame is nowhere to be seen in the physical.” Sounds familiar?

Twin flames journey

Understanding Twin Flame Connections

There is a very common misunderstanding and information widely spread amongst twin flame groups regarding twin flame connections. That twin flames need each other to be whole and that this is the reason why they have to re-unite eventually. This is exactly where many remain stuck. With this idea in mind, everything they do, they only do for the sake of reaching union.

Guess what…. That is a conditional belief and behavior based on lack: “If I do all this work, I will reach union.” As long as we are still thinking we need to reach something, we are not acting from a place of wholeness and are not in the NOW, but we are coming from a place of lack and fear. The key is to find the balance within and reaching a state of being truly unconditional. A state, when we do not feel any need or attachment any longer, when we do not feel we need to reach something to be complete. When we are not attached to any certain outcome but open to all possibilities, including union.

Of course, this is easier said and done, and we all know how challenging this twin flame journey is. How often we go through the intense ups and downs, asking ourselves why the heck we have to experience twin flame test and if this ever ends. And yet, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about the dynamics and true purpose of twin flame journey, the easier it becomes to navigate.

The highs increase, the lows get less. Up to a point when we are able to not only hold the higher fifth dimensional frequencies, but also embody them in a way to inspire and assist many others to go through the ascension process. In order to be able to do so and to fully enjoy life again, we need to rediscover our wholeness, creating the sacred union within. To have an harmonic dance of the masculine and feminine energies within us, and be able to fully express them through our physical body.

twin flame journey

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It’s no secret that you are here because you are experiencing twin flame signs and symptoms. You have experienced the ultimate love in twin flame journey.

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twin flame signs and symptoms

Twin flame signs and symptoms

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What Are Twin Flame Signs? | What is twin flame journey? | Hindi

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