My life has been transformed into positivity after this miraculous inner work program

Last year in Nov or Dec I came across param sir and ritu mam’s inner work YouTube videos …i got really inspired with their true words and true knowledge abt spirituality and twin flame soul journey. So by the grace of God in Feb I got the opportunity to started my inner work course under the guidance of param sir… After only 2 or 3 classes I got to see tremendous results and wonderful changes in my own personality… As well very positive changes in my twin or the people surrounds me…..

Twin ke saath to positive changes aye hi dusri relationships mein bhi positivity or harmony ayi jo pehle nhi thi jaise family members, friends,people at work place.. Aisa lga ab sab cooperate kr rahe hain…. Manisfestions happens….

Param sir have provided us the best and miraculous healing meditations and other tools during our innerwork classes which really works like a magic for me everytime I use them. Before doing the innerwork I used to be very codependent on others or had a lack of confidence towards everything. But I really thankful to God that on the right time I got the best spiritual teachers(param Sir and ritu mam) on this journey who have shown the right path towards inner peace.

They both are true and wonderful souls who always gives us the best guidance whenever we needed. They have the real and actual knowledge about the true meaning of spirituality. …I got so much confidence in all spheres of my life after doing this wonderful inner work program…. I got answers of my all questions during this course. I m blessed that I chose to do this course. Thanking you param sir and ritu mam for everything. I always pay gratitude and lots of respect towards you both……

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