Spirit Guides Repeating Numbers 111 222 333


Spirit Guides Repeating Numbers 111 222 333

This article will explain the meaning of Repeating Numbers 111 222 333, that you might be seeing in your day to day life.

Repetitive Numbers

Lets first understand that why we see repetitive numbers?

Lets assume that before taking this birth, you were doing planning for this birth together with your spirit guides.

The rules of taking birth is that you forget everything after the birth.

To successfully complete this human adventure, it will be helpful if you have a someone supporting you, who know more about your journey.

Spirit Guide

We call that person as your spirit guide.

But the rules of this game prohibits your spirit guides to directly communicate with you via methods like speaking or talking directly to you.

It is similar to a game where two people play to guess a word.

In this game, one person knows the word and then he creates gestures for the other, so that other person can figure out the words from gestures.

So in order to send you information, your spirit guide will show you these repeated numbers.

Repeating Numbers 111 222 333 carry special meanings that can help you in your ongoing journey and thus you can also complete your soul mission, for which you came to earth.

Personal Messages

You might also be receiving messages of personal significance, such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

Numerical codes and signs are a common way of communication from the soul and guides, as these allow for bypassing of the mind which creates disbelief and skepticism.

Nearly all Twin Flames observe signs like these on a regular basis after Awakening and Ascension begins, the signs tend to increase at times of doubt, struggle and separation, times when we need extra reassurance.

Times of Struggle

Know that if you’re having a hard time with your Twin Flame or are wondering about some existential issue or focusing on a big life decision, chances are you’ll see numbers popping up all around you as reassurance and guidance.

You might have noticed this already.

Repeating Numbers 111 222 333 are meant to provide a guidepost on the journey, to show continued support, nudges and assistance, and to above all reassure you.

So, Lets being with understanding the meaning of these Repeating Numbers 111 222 333.

111 – Thoughts

Lets say that your twin has triggered you or ignoring you or cheating on you or there are so many issues like age difference, same gender, already married twin, etc.

This leads you to doubt that whether they are your twin or whether you will unite with your twin or not

And now you see 111.

It means your angels are saying that this doubt will manifest and will attract more doubt and confusion.

Angel Number 111 reminds you that your persistent thoughts and ideas manifests quickly into your reality,
so you will be able to get desired results in your reality if you are aware of persistent thoughts and ideas.

If you wish to attract energies of abundance and balance into your life then keeping your beliefs, thoughts and mind-sets as positive and optimistic will help.

So a question can arise that how to keep beliefs, thoughts and mind-sets as positive and optimistic?

Learning tools and techniques of inner work will help here.

222 – Balance and Harmony

Lets say that you are facing any issues with your twin right now and you are wondering that what will happen to your connection now.

And now you see 222.

Angel Number 222 means that the soul aspect of your twin is saying ‘I love you’ to you and your angels are saying to have faith and trust in your connection.

In a previous videos we discussed that there is spirit world beyond this earth existence and in mid of 4th realm, a soul gets separated into two souls and thus they are know as twin souls.

This means there are planes beyond earth existence and even if you are facing any issues with your twin right now, then remember that both of you share a bond of unconditional love in all the worlds and universes.

This bond cannot be broken by any issues.

Remember that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason.

So by taking a balanced, harmonious, peaceful stance and Maintaining a positive attitude, you will find that everything will have positive results and you will receive abundant blessings in Divine right timing.

Angel Number 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.

You may ask that when your manifestations will show up in reality?

Have a look at the vibration chart. The higher your vibration is, the faster is your manifestation..

In order to understand the importance of your vibration frequency, we disclose here that we do teach some techniques for manifestation, but we teach it to those students only, who have worked on them self and raised their vibration.

At lower vibration, you manifestations will take many years or may be some life times to manifest and you might manifest a very tiny or insignificant desire like peanuts, etc.

So raising your vibration is first step here.

333 – Ascended Masters

In a previous videos we discussed that twin flames are master souls.

They volunteered to help humanity heal and so they choose to experience difficulties, separation and other issues

And if you are doubting your abilities to handle all this that is going on, like

  • Your families doesn’t Understand Twin Flames
  • You and you Twin Flame have big Age Difference of 10, 20 or 40 years
  • You and your Twin Flame have Same Gender
  • Your Twin Flame is Unawakened
  • You or your Twin Flame are Married to other partner
  • You are going through Separation phase
  • Your Twin Flame is Running from you OR Ignoring you
  • Your Twin Flame is Cheating on you
  • Your Twin Flame is from another country
  • You had Multiple Failed Relationships

And now you see 333.

Well, This is the number of ascended masters or master souls that is nudging you to remember ‘who you are’ and ‘why you came here’.

You are an infinite soul in a human body.

You have everything it takes and more, to get to your dreams and desires.

For e.g. – Someone reported to us that she is doing her inner work for few years and today she came to know that her twin is having sexual relationship with her very close friend for last few months.

This revelation devastated her.

You have to understand that universe had sent her this challenge because she has now became capable of handling this and can heal the hurt caused by this act of her twin.

Seeing number 333 in a situation like this is reminding you that you are not here to ‘play the house’ with your twin.

You are here to heal all hurt and negativity that exists in your subconscious memory from across the life times.

Your twin is only helping you by creating similar hurtful situations so that you get hurt again and then get a chance to heal those hurts.

So, 333 is reminding you that ”who you are” i.e. you are a master soul and its reminding you that ‘why you came here’ i.e. you came here to heal all hurt and trauma that is already there in your subconscious memory.

333 – Creative, Social and Communicative

After doing inner work for few months, many of our students report that they dont feel the need of their twin or anyone else.

They feel complete within them self.

So if you are feeling complete within yourself and now you are withdrawing from outer world as you dont feel dependent on others for any needs, Or if you are planning for any project to teach others about the spiritual laws.

Then you might see number 333.

It means angels are encouraging you to be creative, social and communicative and you can use your natural abilities and talents to empower yourself and uplift and enlighten others as your light working abilities and life mission are to be utilized for the good of all.

You can use your natural communicative and light working skills to aid, assist and serve others in positive and uplifting ways.

You dont have to advise or suggest others, instead you have to trigger their inner knowing in the same way, as your teacher has triggered that dormant knowledge and wisdom inside you.

Again, To guide others, you must yourself should be in higher vibration first, so inner work will help here.

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