Meaning of 1111 English? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Meaning of 1111 English? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Ritu Om and Jnana Param explains Meaning of 1111 English in this video.

00:00 Intro
00:19 1111
00:48 Example of fake 3D self
01:53 Twin Flame Spies
02:26 Meeting Your twin
03:12 Why 1111 Repeats — Reminders!
03:58 Repeating Experiences? Feeling Stuck?
04:19 It Was Never About “Others!”
05:20 Cycles Of Trauma Repeating… Or Not
05:54 Clarity, A New Start
06:37 Breaking Through Old Identities
07:08 Twin Flame Timelines
07:37 We are who we CHOOSE to be
08:05 The Habitual Self vs the Real Self
08:36 Inner Passions, Truth
09:08 Detoxing Beliefs
09:38 Core Timelines in Focus
10:19 Did You Give Up Based on False Guidance?
10:48 Twin Flame Wake-Up Call
11:24 Outro

1111 represents that you are starting a new life with a new beginning.

It is an invitation to let go of the old and fake 3D self and life, and move forward into the direction of your essence, and true life purpose.

Remember who you are. An infinite soul.

It’s trying to remind that you came here to awaken to love, to rise beyond the illusion of fear and trauma.

To recognize the soul, to see that we are all made of the same fabric of the universe. We are all part of one whole.

If we are part of one whole then it means we all are same. This is why you have to go through the process of forgiveness and the mirror, as everyone who had hurt you was actually showing you your previous lifetime hurts and traumas.

1111 is also about clearing up any unresolved karma that has kept you blocked from moving forward in life.

Have you felt stuck in repeated cycles of the same kinds of experiences over and over?

That’s karma. It’s not there punishing you, it’s an unhealed trauma that keeps you in a loop.

1111 asks that, Can you take responsibility for your own path?

It asks you to realize that you are the boss in your life and your reality and thus asks you to fully use your power of choice, alignment and manifestation.

The issues you are facing are never REALLY about someone else. These issues are about you and your approach towards life. (“As within, so without”).

So, Have you been stuck in an identity of victimhood, wanting others to save you or feeling victimized by the world?

If yes, then 1111 is pushing you to break out of this victim mentality that someone will save you.
The truth is you are an infinite, powerful soul!

If you keep on playing powerless then this will unfortunately only pull in more and more experiences of feeling powerless…

So 1111 is asking you to be willing to examine YOUR role in your life and the past and be open to seeing your role in your life more neutrally than usual.

1111 also suggests that You may cut people out of your life, make major commitments to passion projects or undertake major life choices such as deciding to go for your dreams.

So, is there something that has been holding you BACK from your true purpose?

If yes, then you can Ask for strength from divine and above all CLARITY to make the necessary changes.

Be willing to release the past modes of keeping on thinking and start over with discipline in this period.

You truly CAN have your dream come true… But it may require for you to adjust your approach.

1111 suggest a step needed is to break out of old female karmic programming, especially for biological historical female.

Identity affects everything in our lives and our Twin Flame connection.

1111 says that “We are who we CHOOSE to be!”

So it asks to Release any limits the world has put on you and to Become your most powerful self!

It asks you to Stop caring what anyone else thinks or told you!

It says that The only limits are those you accept.

So 1111 says that Stop messing around, stop listening to others and their opinions about you, and remember what you are really here for and who you really are.

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