Loneliness is a huge problem today. Even though people
have families, they still feel lonely. Why is there so much
loneliness on Earth?

There are two reasons for this feeling. First of all, you are not a complete soul on Earth. Since you are now aware of the concept of twin souls, you will realize that you are only half of a soul, and the loneliness you feel is a longing for your other half.
However, once you understand this, you must make sure that you achieve that sense of completion on Earth, as it is your test. It is absolutely possible to feel complete on Earth by fulfilling your spiritual mission.
Once you discover your life’s true purpose, you will be at peace. Feelings of emptiness arise when your subconscious mind tells you that you are not fulfilling your mission on Earth.

Secondly, your subconscious mind knows that Earth is not your real home. It longs for the spirit world, for the peace of higher Realms, and the company of your group souls and loved ones. This should not be an excuse for you to feel
discontent; to feel content is one of the greatest tests on Earth and that test must not be failed. Do not wait for death to bring you peace. To be at peace in the spirit world you must first learn to be at peace on Earth.
Loneliness is part of that battle and must be dealt with correctly.

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