(HINDI) How does masculine Twin Flame feels in Love – 01? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

(HINDI) How does masculine Twin Flame feels? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param


Ritu Om and Jnana Param answer this popular question that “How does masculine Twin Flame feels?” or “इस संबंध के बारे में DM कैसा महसूस करता है?” in this Hindi video.


00:00 Intro
00:24 How twin flame journey starts?
01:05 Why separation happens?
01:58 What is meaning of being a chaser?
02:35 Why your twin flame is running?
03:22 How does masculine twin flame feels?
06:45 Why my twin flame has blocked me?
07:26 How does masculine feel in separation?
08:09 Example – How does masculine feel in separation?
10:10 How long do you have to wait for your twin flame?
11:56 When does masculine twin flame returns?
12:43 How to help your twin flame?
14:05 Outro

How does masculine twin flame feels?

Most of the time, he “use” a relationship, family, or a career as a reason that they can’t be together. This is the absolute truth for him.

He tells himself that he did the right thing or made the right decision.

Masculine have been taught for centuries that they need to take their “responsibility.” They have to “provide” for their family or have to focus on their job.

The Masculine see this from a logical point of view.

He most likely tell himself that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. That their Feminine will leave them sooner or later, so this is for the best.

That you can’t “just” follow your heart and that they have responsibilities.

The Masculine is more “logical” and for him, all the spiritual stuff and the connection without logic is just TOO much and TOO weird.

And the more the feminine tries to push this “connection” on to him, the more he pulls back.

Because the Feminine is more connected to her heart, she often feels he is “the one.”

The Masculine might not feel it like that, and he might think something like: “If she says I am “the one” THAT quickly and she doesn’t even know me, it’s probably just a fantasy I can’t live up to anyway.”

He really experiences the connection differently at this point and if you want to get passed separation, you have to accept this.

In Most of cases of our students, the Masculine was in another relationship. Most of the time these relationships are filled with attachment and expectations. OR there is no REAL fulfillment for the Masculine on all levels.

A lot of Divine Masculine are conditioned by society and they just want to do the right thing as per their conditioning.

It is a real challenge for those masculine to break old patterns, to see what negative behavior and patterns they were actually feeding in their partner and themselves by staying in the relationship.

The Masculine also have a rough time believing the love is REAL. Most of them had never really experienced true love, and they are afraid to receive it because they were scared it would be taken away from them again.

Note that not every masculine feels this way and every Masculine will experience this in a different way, just like every Feminine experiences it in different way. Every journey is different.
Why my twin flame has blocked me?

Because of the push dynamic of Feminine, it could even be that he feels “repulsed” by her.

So pulling away or blocking you will feel like a relief to them.

He has to feel safe and pulling back gives him a sense of control and safety.

He tries to go back to his old life and tries to forget all about the connection. He probably keep himself busy with work stuff and tells himself that he made the right decision.

(Reference Blog: Manifestmagically, Author: Maartje)


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