(Hindi) Why sensational news is dangerous? | Jnana Param1 min read

(Hindi) Why sensational news is dangerous? | Jnana Param

(Hindi) Why sensational news is dangerous? | Jnana Param

In this Hindi Live Session, Jnana Param explains why sensational news is dangerous and conducts a healing meditation to heal the effect of sensational news.

0:00 Setting up live meeting
0:30 Welcome instruction about meeting
1:40 Why sensational news is dangerous?
20:30 Meditation to heal damage of sensation
37:57 Participant 1 experience
39:20 Participant 2 experience
40:46 Participant 3 experience
42:18 Does tarot car dreading effect our energy?
45:08 How to protect from client’s energy?
47:00 What happens with Cord cutting?
49:00 When twin flame reunion will happen?
50:20 What if you dont have finance for inner work?
51:45 How student arranged funds for inner work?

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