(Hindi) Why is energy exchange important? | Jnana Param2 min read

(Hindi) Why is energy exchange important? | Jnana Param

Why is energy exchange important? | Hindi

In this video, Jnana Param explains that Why is energy exchange important in healing process.

0:00 Why is energy exchange important?
0:25 You can do energy exchange for our sessions
0:44 What are methods of energy exchange?
0:47 Option 1 – Become a paid Member of our YouTube Channel
1:02 Option 2 – YouTube Super Thanks button
1:13 Option 3 – Donation Links given in description of this video
1:20 Option 4 – Donation to any deserving people who needs help
1:28 Option 5 – Giving time and energy to people around you who needs your help
1:39 Follow your Intuition

You must have noticed that sometime when you are sick and go to a doctor, then you start feeling better, as soon as you pay doctor’s fee.

This happens due to energy exchange i.e. you changed your energy by giving some fee and the energy that was causing discomfort also moved for better.

So it is very necessary to do proper energy exchange to take full benefit of any healing.

If you like healing sessions conducted by us, then you can take full benefit from them by doing an energy exchange.

Please note that all sessions we conduct are free and its optional for you to do any energy exchange.

If you like to do some energy exchange then Here are few ways to do so,

1 You can become paid member of this YouTube channel by clicking JOIN button and thus pay a small monthly fee. You can cancel this membership anytime through YouTube

2 You can click the SUPER THANKS button which is shown below all videos and then make a payment for any amount through YouTube

3 You can see our Donation link

Donation is Top 1 Energy Exchange

4 You can make donation to any deserving people around you, who needs your help

5 If donating money is not possible then you can give your time and energy to people around you who needs your help.

Hope you will take full benefit of healing session by doing proper energy exchange as guided by your intuition.

God bless you all.

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