(HINDI) Why Do I Feel Alone?

(HINDI) Why Do I Feel Alone?

If you cannot sit alone in one place for lets say 30 mins to an hour while doing nothing then it means that you are afraid of being lonely.

There are two reasons for this feeling.
* As we discussed in previous videos about the concept of twin souls, you will realize that you are only half of a soul, and the loneliness you feel is a longing for your other half.

* Secondly, your subconscious mind knows that Earth is not your real home.

But, This should not be an excuse for you to feel discontent; to feel content is one of the greatest tests on Earth and that test must not be failed.

Inner work will take you in direction of your soul mission and then you will always have a sense of completion.

What is your mission on Earth?
Each human being has three missions.
1. To improve spiritually.
2. To selflessly serve others.
3. To use individual gifts and talents for the growth of others. It is to be discovered.

How to discover your soul mission?
1. You have to be on a good spiritual level to know your mission.
2. Your subconscious mind has to be open so that you will be able to recognize your mission.
3. Your mission will be revealed to you only if you are ready for it.
4. Your level of commitment is vital. How dedicated are you to the inner work?

Once you discover that purpose and begin fulfilling your mission, you will be truly happy and at peace and there will be no loneliness.

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(Reference Book: Laws of the Spirit World)

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