How To Do Inner Work?

How To Do Inner Work?



Inner work helps you remember your divine attributes like acceptance, Love, Joy & Peace.

Until you are very trained to listen to your intuition, the only other way to accomplish this by following guidelines form a teacher i.e. a Guru-Disciple relationship(parampra).

When you are in this journey of going inside yourself, which is an unknown territory, then a teacher or a Guru can act as a GPS, who can help you find the shortest route.

So a teacher will bring you closer to the Guru inside you.

Why we take Live Classes instead of recorded video?
It is so that
1 We can see if you are doing practices in correct way
2 We can keep in touch with you and provide answers to your ongoing questions about the process you are going through.

A recorded video can never replace an interactive live session with a teacher.

When you are interacting with a teacher, even if it is online, you are tapping into the energy of your teacher.

In our online inner work program, we only teach the basics or preparatory steps of this science, which are very practical and safe to follow.

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