(HINDI) Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Twin Flame

(HINDI) Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Twin Flame

I am not saying that a soul have a gender, instead it have dominant characteristics which gives it a polarity that makes it either masculine or feminine polarity soul.

There is nothing dictating that the Twin Flame pair must be a woman and a man.

So twin flames can choose bodies in any combination.

A general misconception is that women are more emotional then man. A famous quote is “Mard Ko Dard Nahi hota”(i.e. Males are less emotional and don’t feel pain).

When we do inner work, our dormant characteristics starts to increase.

This will make you independent physically, mentally and emotionally.

And thus you will be able to take better decisions and your life will become complete in itself.

When this happens then there is no desperation left to find someone who can complete you. And you must have experienced that when there is no desperation then our desires manifests more easily at super fast speed.

So as we do our inner work and balance our characteristics, our life becomes a balanced and healthy life and our twin also find way back to us.

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(Some References taken from Blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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