(HINDI) Can Twin Flames stay together while doing Inner work?1 min read

(HINDI) Can Twin Flames stay together while doing Inner work?

Does all twin flame separate? | Why twin flame separation | HINDI

In this Hindi short video, you get to know that “Can Twin Flames stay together while doing Inner work?”.

0:00 Why twin flames face separation?
0:21 Can Twin Flames stay together while doing Inner work?

Tinku asked his master following question-

Tinku: “Master, why do I have to face separation from Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, the karmic baggage of Tina is very heavy.

You have to raise your level of spiritual progress, so that you can also get Tina out of her karmic entanglements with her current partner and life situations.”

Tinku: “Master, is it possible that I can make spiritual progress while staying in touch with Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, yes its possible, but then your progress will be slow.

If you stay in touch with her then due to repeated happening stressful events, it will take you around 10 years to achieve same results, which you could otherwise achieve in 2 years by staying at a distance from her.

Plus continuous stress will deteriorate her well being as stress is not good for her mental health.

It is time for Tapa for you.”

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