Free Healing Live Stream – 2022

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Upcoming Live Streams

* Join us on Zoom, only if you are able to turn on your camera.
* Zoom meeting limit is a maximum of
100 participants. The remaining people can watch it live on YouTube

Topic: Feeling responsible for other’s happiness
Time: Wed Nov 30, 2022, 07:00 PM India IST

Live Stream Schedule

Our upcoming live stream is published here, so you can see us live on this page.

We generally go live once in three weeks and mostly on Wednesday or Friday at 7:00 PM IST.

Make sure to check the instructions in the below section, before you attend the session.

Instructions before joining

  • Please drink water OR Go to the washroom before the session, if needed
  • Remove your shoes and loosen your clothes.
  • People having coughs shall remain sitting while others can lie down for deeper relaxation.
  • If you are willing only then it will work. So Surrender!
  • You can wake up any time if you want, but we request that you allow us to wake you up.
  • Trust whatever you see, feel, or hear. Don’t analyze the visions. Let them flow.
  • Don’t try to figure out that it’s a Vision, memory, or something else.
  • Let emotions out. Laugh, cry, etc. Don’t suppress them.
  • Suppressed emotions sometimes come out in the form of tears in the eyes.
  • If you don’t see anything then no need to worry.
  • Keep your eyes closed throughout the session
  • Do not worry if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind is still listening.
  • Just relax, and don’t worry about what comes into your mind. It does not matter if you experience anything today or not, this is practice. If you ever get anxious while having a memory or experience you can just float above it and watch from a distance like watching a movie or you can leave the scene entirely and go anywhere you want, visualize the beach or your house or any other safe place for you.
  • If you are very uncomfortable you can even open your eyes and you will be awake and alert back here if you wish.
  • People with high blood pressure shall not do any fast breathing during this meditation.
  • Everyone will have a different experience, as we all are different.
  • Keep cell phones on silent, with no vibration, and no light.
  • A small follow-up interview will be held.


Subtitles: Except for Healing session videos, all remaining videos in the Hindi language have English subtitles.

Comments: If you have a question or comment then leave them in the comment section of the corresponding video on YouTube and we will answer it there.

Note: We do not claim what we share to be the ultimate truth. We encourage everyone to only take what resonates, to find their own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, we do not claim any copyright. Reference to content authors can be found in the video’s description.