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List of Free Tools

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Energy Cleanse Tool

(Note: Use it daily or whenever feeling anxiety)

Download Energy Cleanse Tool – Hindi
Download Energy Cleanse Tool – English

Guidance Tool

(Note: Can be used daily)
Guidance Tool – Hindi
Guidance Tool – English

Past Lover Release

(Note: Use it whenever you feel attracted to someone other than your twin flame.)

Past Lover Release – Hindi
Past Lover Release – English

Heal Old Hurts & Upsets

(Note: These sessions are in Hindi Only)

List of all YouTube Healing Session

(Note: These sessions are in Hindi Only)

Telegram Channel

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Unable to Join Inner Work due to Finance

If you are unable to join Inner work right now, then this 2hr course will be an excellent start to your inner work journey.

Yogasth Foundation Course – Yogasth Bhava

It will teach you a powerful kriya and you will also get attunement from our spiritual teacher Yogi BuddhaDeva.

Course details:
To join, Click above link and book your seat.

Note: You can do any two of above healing sessions per day and then repeat these sessions whenever you feel like.