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List of Free Tools

Here are links to download free tools.

Energy Cleanse Tool

(Note: Use it daily or whenever feeling anxiety)

Download Energy Cleanse Tool – Hindi
Download Energy Cleanse Tool – English

Guidance Tool

(Note: Can be used daily)
Guidance Tool

Past Lover Release

(Note: Use it whenever you feel attracted to someone other than your twin flame.)

Past Lover Release – Hindi
Past Lover Release – English

Healing Sessions – Old Hurts & Upsets

(Note: These sessions are in Hindi Only)
Heal Hurts and Upsets

Healing Session – Twin Flame Journey

(Note: These sessions are in Hindi Only)

Twin Flame Journey Healings

Telegram Channel for Free Sessions

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Note: You can do any two to three of above healing sessions per day and then repeat these sessions whenever you feel like.