(English)Why one Twin Flame have to do all work | Ritu OM |Jnana Param

(English)Why one Twin Flame have to do all work | Ritu OM |Jnana Param

Why one Twin Flame have to do all work?

Thousands of Twin Souls and Light workers out in the world wondering about and being frustrated about this very question –
Why is it all on me?

Some time one of the twin fall behind in spiritual journey and other twin takes birth to help their counterpart OR

Spiritually evolved twins take birth to help and uplift others.
And now your twin is acting in a way to hurt you.

The intention behind their actions is that with this pain, you will start your inner work, So that you can remember all your wisdom and then help your twin to awaken.

Try to see the bigger picture.
You and your twin got separated in spirit world.
Both of you have come on earth now.
You are the one who got awakened first.
So probably you are here to help you twin in awakening and spiritual progress, so that you two can be together eternally.

You have such a grand opportunity at hand and all you are concerned is with these small issues like “How will we get married to my twin?”

Which option is better
1 wait for thousands of years in spirit world to get united with your twin OR
2 Help you twin to resolve some karma by first working on your awakening. Please note that Awakening is always painful.

The Universe Seeks To Balance Everything – By releasing the feelings of frustration in this situation, you allow your “return on investment” to show up from the universe.

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