(ENGLISH) How to unite faster with twin flame? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param3 min read

(ENGLISH) How to unite faster with twin flame? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

How to unite faster with Twin Flame? | English

Ritu Om and Jnana Param explains “How to unite faster with twin flame?” and “How Do Soul Contracts, Free Will and Schedules Impact Your Twin Flame Journey?” in this English video.

00:00 Intro
00:38 What is the meaning of life timeline?
01:31 Can you change destiny?
01:55 The power of inner work.
02:43 You choose your path.
03:19 What affect destiny?
03:23 #1) How family conditioning effect you? OR how ancestral karma work?
04:25 #2) How karma affect you? or How past life experience affect?
06:10 #3) How pre life choices affect us?
08:00 #4) Collective Timelines/Cosmic Energies.
09:03 #5) How repeated thoughts affect you?
10:27 #6) Subconscious fear
11:46 #7) Emotional Equilibrium – How Well You Maintain A High Vibration.
12:46 #8) Others’ Free Will Choices.
13:56 Summary
14:58 Twin Flame Inner Work Program.
15:34 Outro

As you can see there are so many ways you can affect, adjust and uplift your destiny to usher in your desires.

So You don’t have to wait for things to proceed in “regular 3D time” in the way most human beings do.

And if someone tells you you’re not “meant” to come together with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, you can change things!

For example, one of our known masculine twin flame got a tarot card reading in which it came up that he will unite with his twin flame in 10 years.

He started doing inner work for few months and when he was ready, then universe started to give signs that the union date is coming near. It was shown signs that years of separation are decreasing.

He was able to reduce the separation of 10 years to just couple of years and thus finally unite with his twin flame in this 3D world.

This example is a living proof that you can change your destiny!

Their income source changed and they now work with what matters to them, they made new friends, they had new kinds of experiences and new opportunities began showing up in their life

“Twin Flame Inner Work Program”

You can see our inner work program that will help you to work on your self and thus reduce these separation years faster.

We go through all of the above methods for uplifting your destiny i.e. karma clearing, removing negative attachments/outworn soul contracts, uplifting your energy, removing ego resistance, clearing out unconscious fear energies, calling in new connections and assistance from the light.

Plus, the kriyas taught in the program will help you to stay positive *over time*, to uplift your energy alignment with your desires.

We believe in you, and we are honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you! All of our blessings are with you.

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