(ENGLISH) How many are twin flame stages? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

(ENGLISH) How many are twin flame stages? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Ritu Om and Jnana Param explains in English in this video about “How many are twin flame stages?”.

Most(not all) twin flames go through these twin flame stages.

00:00 Intro
00:20 What are twin Flame stages?
00:56 1) Longing
01:26 2) Bubble love: The beginning
01:55 3) Balancing/Preparation stage
02:33 Why My Twin hurts Me?
03:40 Ways of Individual Balancing
03:47 3.a) No Separation Phase at all
04:05 3.b) Early Reunion after short Separation
04:18 3.c) On and off and on and off
04:45 3.d) Separation and Friendship only until all is cleared
05:16 Example – Separation and Friendship
05:57 3.e) Spiritual Connection first (Mostly between celebrity twins)
06:31 3.f) Separation and no Reunion
07:00 Example – Separation and no Reunion
07:25 4) Reunion Initiated
08:21 5) Complete Reunion
09:30 Outro

(Reference: thewakeupexperience, Author: Vera Ingeborg)

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