(English) Can I Forget My Twin Flame? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

(English) Can I Forget My Twin Flame? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Can I Forget My Twin Flame?

Ask yourself ― can you really break-free from a part of yourself?
Sure, with time, it can become suppressed or dormant, but you can’t just cut it out of you.

You were one, before your birth, and no force of nature can break that union.
It’s futile to hide or run away from your twin flame partner.

It is always possible to send feelings to your Twin even if you’re not physically together.

We have all the energy from other people we’ve picked up during our upbringing, plus all the negative energy our souls are pushing up to the surface during the Ascension process.

In other words: although you and your Twin can theoretically connect any time you want and communicate freely through both emotion and thoughts, real life can be a different story.

Advice for Separation:
Understand that you are not in separation phase, you are in preparation phase.

At times, it might seem that this soul contract and the twin flame union is destroying you, and leaving you in a state of dismay ― but with time, you’ll understand that all of this was for your betterment.

Your heart compass will always point in the direction of your twin flame.
Follow your heart, and find your truth, instead of falling prey to the skepticism of the world.

So, How can we forget our twin flame and move on?
If you find a way to move on, then let me know as well so that I can guide others who are more interested in forgetting their twin instead of starting their inner work.

So, can twin flames forget each other? Absolutely not!

Never settle for something mediocre! The pursuit of love is demanding. It is never easy.

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