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  1. 3.15 to 3.30am…chakra anusandhan and mahamudra..automatically got up n started doing these kriyas and slept peacefully. Wow never thought that I ll yet up at 3.15am n do.
    10am to 11am…did all kriyas..feeling v much connected with my twin. Got message to start class with one of my student with mahamritunjay mantra n small havan.

  2. Did all kriyas 8pm to 9 pm and vibration alignment. Morning did higher heart transformation. Awareness is increasing with every practice. So blessed to be able to learn kriya yoga. Now I stay yogasth throughout.
    For last one month I am in peace blissful state,even purging process is going on..but it’s coming up to clear n lighten me up. My regular medicine doze has been decreased from today to see if I can be put on lighter doze.
    Grounding kriya is awsome. It has cleared my blockages negativities a lot.

  3. 3:10 A.M. – 4:20 A.M. – Completed all kriyas.
    Now I am able to do four of Dharna stage kriyas in each session.
    The feeling of completion is beyond words, it can only be experienced.

    Scientifically, It’s a state where Masculine and Feminine energies are balanced, which means I am both a Man and Woman at same time, hence the feeling of completion.

    It’s peace beyond words.

  4. 8 AM – 9 AM –
    Had a headache, tried all energy clearing but it did not go. So did not feel like getting up at 3 AM.
    But in morning, it was still there. So I decided to give a try and see that what can kriyas do about it.
    By the time I was finished with Pratayahar kriyas, it started to fade away.
    I felt sleepy and so i went to sleep. When I got up after an Hour,there was no headache.
    Finally did few of Dharna stage kriyas and completed today’s session.

      • 11am to 12noon.. was feeling sick n feverish ..did all kriyas..feeling rejuvenated n all well. Feeling very much connected with Guru ji n my teacher. Got goosebumps while talking to one of my student..sign of affirmation to my advice what I was giving to him….while grounding shivering in spinal column. Divine experience. Feeling blessed n vibrating happiness .

  5. 3:15 AM – 4:15 AM
    Again a minor headache on the opposite side of head than yesterday.
    But today I decided not to skip my daily practice time and thus completed all kriyas on regular time.

    Felt good and relaxed after that and the pain also fainted away. Then went to sleep and finally feeling rejuvenated now as I woke up at wound 6:45 AM.

    Complete harmony healing worked well this time and the positive affirmations at the end also did well.

  6. Did kriyas 4.50pm to 5.35pm. And Ajapajapa n complete harmony med 8.30 to 9.15pm. Very much peaceful n blessed. Goose bumps while doing kriya and shivers in spine. Daily getting up feeling sick but after kriya feeling better. Purging process beautifullyour passing up. Got very strong feeling today while doing vibration alignment that I ll be more sick in coming days but ll be fine at the end. I need to hold on strongly n face it courageously.
    May divine n my gurus support me.
    Love to all

      • Yesterday I read about the experience of a women who had to go through chemotherapy for breast cancer.
        She kept on practicing SHAKTI CHALINI kriya twice a day and even before her chemotherapy sessions.
        She completed her treatment with much side effects, whereas other patients suffered severe side effects.

        And now after 14 years she is completely healthy.

        This is the power of DHARNA stage kriyas. They are just magical.

        An as guru ji said on 20th sep initiation, kriya directly works on Brain and nervous system where all our sleeping powers reside.

  7. 8 AM – 9 AM
    Felt very sleepy today so did minimum kriyas.
    Near the end of session I did 11 mins of Kaya-sthariam while doing two advanced kriyas of our course.

    It gave an insight that as our environment and weather changes, we can shift from regular practice and replace it with alternate kriyas.

    Final message is that
    Kriya PRACTICE MUST be kept continuous.

  8. Sunday 24th Sept in the class. Very beautiful presentation about koshas. Awareness about that physical aura can be disturbed by people close to physical body.

  9. 6.25pm to 7.10pm. Different experience..started feeling sensations in all Chakras. While doing mandooki pressure felt not only on hands but on Ajna chakra also. Ground8ng work beautifully. Feeling totally blank inside.

  10. 3:15 AM – 4:30 AM
    Regular kriya practice and did 15 mins of Kaya-sthariam as well. Feeling excellent.

    What is the use of doing kriyas and energy clearing in the morning?
    – Well, the use is similar to doing a king size breakfast.
    A king size breakfast gives you energy throughout day.
    Similarly, starting your day with kriyas gives energy and stability for whole working day ahead.
    And energy clearing like vibration alignment or harmony healing in morning will keep you charged up, in good mood and protected from outside harsh energies throughout the day.

    If missed in morning then these can be done any other time during day, but still…. morning time is the most recommended time to prepare for the day ahead.