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  1. 3.15 to 3.30am…chakra anusandhan and mahamudra..automatically got up n started doing these kriyas and slept peacefully. Wow never thought that I ll yet up at 3.15am n do.
    10am to 11am…did all kriyas..feeling v much connected with my twin. Got message to start class with one of my student with mahamritunjay mantra n small havan.

  2. Did all kriyas 8pm to 9 pm and vibration alignment. Morning did higher heart transformation. Awareness is increasing with every practice. So blessed to be able to learn kriya yoga. Now I stay yogasth throughout.
    For last one month I am in peace blissful state,even purging process is going on..but it’s coming up to clear n lighten me up. My regular medicine doze has been decreased from today to see if I can be put on lighter doze.
    Grounding kriya is awsome. It has cleared my blockages negativities a lot.

  3. 3:10 A.M. – 4:20 A.M. – Completed all kriyas.
    Now I am able to do four of Dharna stage kriyas in each session.
    The feeling of completion is beyond words, it can only be experienced.

    Scientifically, It’s a state where Masculine and Feminine energies are balanced, which means I am both a Man and Woman at same time, hence the feeling of completion.

    It’s peace beyond words.

  4. 8 AM – 9 AM –
    Had a headache, tried all energy clearing but it did not go. So did not feel like getting up at 3 AM.
    But in morning, it was still there. So I decided to give a try and see that what can kriyas do about it.
    By the time I was finished with Pratayahar kriyas, it started to fade away.
    I felt sleepy and so i went to sleep. When I got up after an Hour,there was no headache.
    Finally did few of Dharna stage kriyas and completed today’s session.

      • 11am to 12noon.. was feeling sick n feverish ..did all kriyas..feeling rejuvenated n all well. Feeling very much connected with Guru ji n my teacher. Got goosebumps while talking to one of my student..sign of affirmation to my advice what I was giving to him….while grounding shivering in spinal column. Divine experience. Feeling blessed n vibrating happiness .

  5. 3:15 AM – 4:15 AM
    Again a minor headache on the opposite side of head than yesterday.
    But today I decided not to skip my daily practice time and thus completed all kriyas on regular time.

    Felt good and relaxed after that and the pain also fainted away. Then went to sleep and finally feeling rejuvenated now as I woke up at wound 6:45 AM.

    Complete harmony healing worked well this time and the positive affirmations at the end also did well.

  6. Did kriyas 4.50pm to 5.35pm. And Ajapajapa n complete harmony med 8.30 to 9.15pm. Very much peaceful n blessed. Goose bumps while doing kriya and shivers in spine. Daily getting up feeling sick but after kriya feeling better. Purging process beautifullyour passing up. Got very strong feeling today while doing vibration alignment that I ll be more sick in coming days but ll be fine at the end. I need to hold on strongly n face it courageously.
    May divine n my gurus support me.
    Love to all

      • Yesterday I read about the experience of a women who had to go through chemotherapy for breast cancer.
        She kept on practicing SHAKTI CHALINI kriya twice a day and even before her chemotherapy sessions.
        She completed her treatment with much side effects, whereas other patients suffered severe side effects.

        And now after 14 years she is completely healthy.

        This is the power of DHARNA stage kriyas. They are just magical.

        An as guru ji said on 20th sep initiation, kriya directly works on Brain and nervous system where all our sleeping powers reside.

  7. 8 AM – 9 AM
    Felt very sleepy today so did minimum kriyas.
    Near the end of session I did 11 mins of Kaya-sthariam while doing two advanced kriyas of our course.

    It gave an insight that as our environment and weather changes, we can shift from regular practice and replace it with alternate kriyas.

    Final message is that
    Kriya PRACTICE MUST be kept continuous.

  8. Sunday 24th Sept in the class. Very beautiful presentation about koshas. Awareness about that physical aura can be disturbed by people close to physical body.

  9. 6.25pm to 7.10pm. Different experience..started feeling sensations in all Chakras. While doing mandooki pressure felt not only on hands but on Ajna chakra also. Ground8ng work beautifully. Feeling totally blank inside.

  10. 3:15 AM – 4:30 AM
    Regular kriya practice and did 15 mins of Kaya-sthariam as well. Feeling excellent.

    What is the use of doing kriyas and energy clearing in the morning?
    – Well, the use is similar to doing a king size breakfast.
    A king size breakfast gives you energy throughout day.
    Similarly, starting your day with kriyas gives energy and stability for whole working day ahead.
    And energy clearing like vibration alignment or harmony healing in morning will keep you charged up, in good mood and protected from outside harsh energies throughout the day.

    If missed in morning then these can be done any other time during day, but still…. morning time is the most recommended time to prepare for the day ahead.

  11. 3:15 AM – 4:30 AM
    Completed basic Pratyahara kriyas and then did four Dharna stage kriyas.
    There is no greater satisfaction then finishing kriyas.

    It took me around two years of practice and finally I was guided by divine to take advantage of Braham Mahoorat.

    Then did ‘Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening’ guided meditation at 4:45 AM to sort any blockages in energy fields.

  12. Morning 8 to 9..
    Lots of negativity n anger released after inner child meditation. Anger in mind not in acts or voice … it disturbed me a lot. Contemplated on it. Witnessed on it. And universe helped me to undertand it .

    I read the article on twin flames n understood that it’s process of ascension and it is bound to happen, so nothing to get panicky about it or to over react. Felt much better after complete harmony healing in the evening.

  13. Su day 1st Oct in the class 10 to 11.30. Inner child healing helped a lot in releasing old patterns n fears. But still some naggage is left to be released. Energy was disturbed before class..changed to positive while in class…disturbed again after the class. Very high negativity n blockages cane on surface.

  14. Did vipreet karni after headstand . It was very different n unique experience which brought me in balance. V different new stage of dharna..v deep…changing so evthing within. Juggling energies as if very strong flow of water Wasing away all the blockages and make energy move throughput the chakras smoothly n with pressure. Feeling is as heqvy flow of water washes away all dirt n blockages. Something is moving at rapid speed in chakras.
    Shifts r happening at a fast pace. Sattva is increasing. Dispassion is on rise. Calmness on senses level coming.

  15. 8:10 AM – 9:00 AM
    Slept late last night, thus did not feel like getting up early morning.
    It is very important to listen to body.
    If body is tired and needs sleep then sleep first.
    If body needs food then eat first.

    Meditation is only to be done to increase your bliss level, not to decrease it.

  16. 9.10 to 10.45am. Did kriya practice and harmony healing with connection tool. Felt very close to my TF. Slept for 3hrs after that. Very light. Wanted to come for class but somehow couldn’t reach.

  17. Major healing happened for Arvinder ji. Inner child healing, got rid from the attachments with ‘Masked’ wicked Man and got free from barbed wire 🙂
    Malkiyat ji also connected with her twin for very first time and experienced inner child healing. She also got free from past known and unknown attachments. finally she received message from her twin.

    Those who could not attend today’s session can go through this healing session on Sunday morning session on 8th Sep.

  18. 5pm to 5.45pm morning connected to on tool and harmony healing. Was in deep state of despair grief and sadness. Felt better after evening practice. Aum.

  19. 7:15 AM – 8:30 AM
    Not well since yesterday as I was having mild cold. So rested at night. In morning, everyone in house was still asleep, so I thought of doing a little pranayam.
    As soon as I started Pranayam and Mahabandh, my body started to generate heat and cold disappeared.

    After that, there was no stopping and I completed all kriyas in my daily routine.

    Lesson of the day is that ‘Yogakshemam vahamyaham”, i.e. Lord is saying ki ‘Tu yog kar, bakki sab mujh par chod de’.

    Yogasth Bhava.

  20. 9.35am to 10.20 am. Peaceful after practice. Ll fo harmony healing adter smtime. Fighting spirit to overcome my aggrevated illness is rekindlied.May divine lighten my path n of others. AUM

  21. 7:50 8:45
    Started with kriyas immediately after my yoga class
    Did cleansing guided meditation
    Felt something releasing from left arm & leg
    Little dizzy too
    Feeling lighter & confident to face today’s challenges

  22. 3:20 AM – 4:20 AM
    Felt sleepy so started late.
    Completed all kriyas.
    Yesterday I did a regression and also interacted with other people going through difficult phases in their life. So some of the energy residue of interaction with them was present in my energy field.

    Did complete harmony healing to clear my energy and get back to blissful state.

  23. 3:40 AM – 4:00 AM
    I was not getting up as i slept late.
    Had a dream just before waking up.

    I saw one of my close friend who smashed his car in a wall.
    When he got out, someone attacked him.
    The attacker was moving very fast. So my friend was unable to defend himself. he was getting hit again and again and the attacker was moving at super speed.
    Suddenly my friend picked up a cylindrical object, and with some timing he was able to hit the attacker.
    With this my friend Won.

    And I got a message that
    “Even though it seems difficult to win or to go forward, It is still possible to Win if you are willing to try and fight the adversities.”

    I dont know why this dream was shown to me. May be it is a message to the students of this course. Let me know if this applies to you.

  24. 2:40 AM – 4:00 AM
    Got up early and could not sleep again as I was feeling all alert.

    So after few failed tries to sleep, I decided to start Kriya Practice.
    Completed all Pratyahara kriyas by 3:40 AM and then started Dharna stage kriyas at 3:40 AM to 4:00 AM, i.e. Brahma Mahoorat.

  25. 10:15-11-30
    Had a wonderful session today morning
    During a guided meditation got a message of love all
    Got goosebumps all over
    Feeling lighter

  26. Sorry couldnt stay regular in daily practice …due to v strongly purging process. As said lots of challenges of karmas r manifesting v fast..lots of learnings. But doing vibration n harmony healing etc.
    Just focus singhal on spine gave a view that a horizontal long line n it’s burning. Flames eV where. Lots of Peacock feather on spine alongwith snake.
    I dnt understand what it is. But I experienced lots of anger.
    AlL my hidden vices coming out. Controlling it by replacing it with positive vibrations.
    Surprisingly while doing harmony healing I saw someone else before my TF. It happened twice. Both the time different person but with beard.
    But amazing feeling especially on heart chakra after connection tool.

  27. 2.35am to 3.55am
    Unique experience. Could see big cross in my spine and illuminated plus on heart centre at back passage.
    While doing one kriya of Dharna saw golden image of devi..especially eyes.
    Golden light on root chakra
    After that whirlpool kind of galaxy on root chakra.
    I felt feminine power in my spine today.
    Then liquid enervy at root ..there were black granules with ash white colored energy and it was flowing outwards..
    I saw image of tree in my front passage with thick stem.

  28. 3:20 AM – 4:00 AM
    I had to get up at 1 AM as I had to do some work. After finishing my work I tried to sleep but could not do so. I was feeling tiredness in eyes due to incomplete sleep so I decided to try further to sleep. At 3:20 AM, I started to feel energized as it is my regular meditation time. It felt like divine is assisting me to meditate.

    So I finally gave up trying sleeping and started meditation practices. The session went very well and then at around 4:10 AM, I went to sleep peacefully.

  29. 3:20 AM – 4:05 AM
    A busy day yesterday. Was tired by the night and slept early. I thought that I will not be able to do my early morning practice as I had to get up multiple times at night to attend to kids.

    But Divine grace happened and I got up at my usual time and was able to complete practice and then slept peacefully.

    Yogasth Bhava

  30. Tuesday..7.30 to 9. Wonderful session in the class. Realization of hurting myself and going in the golden tunnel while entering dhyana.

  31. 8.15 to 9.15am, very beautiful session, at the end felt goose bumps and some image and feeling of angels present and blessings. Things r going to change for good at fast pace now. Love v energy illuminating.

  32. 7 AM – 8 AM

    Felt tired so did not get up early morning.
    Feeling rejuvenated after finishing kriyas.

    There is definitely a difference in doing kriyas at early morning time like 3:30 AM and 7 AM.

    Or should i say, MASSIVE difference.

  33. 3:00 AM – 4:10 AM
    Got up before regular time.
    Started doing my daily kriyas.
    When I reached Dharna stage, I felt more inclined to do certain kriyas. So I performed those. Did Harmony healing and slept peacefully.

  34. 7 AM – 8 AM
    Yogasth Bhava to all 🙂

    Today is first day after Diwali and first day after New moon of 19th October.

    May your life take a brand new turn in terms of relationships, harmony, peace and bliss and the rewards for your work on yourself start to show up.

  35. 7 AM – 8 AM
    Having a cold. So did not feel like getting up early morning.
    Started practice in morning and then started to feel heat inside body.
    Got better and better as I practiced more.

    By the end of session, it was much better state.

    Finished session with harmony healing.

  36. 1″10-2:00PM…
    Feeling at peace.. Felt a fire colored light instead of white light over the head during praan ahuti. It spread through my entire body and enveloped me. Felt energised.

  37. 5AM – 6:15 AM
    Still struggling with cold. One nose was completely blocked.

    Started my practice with one nostril active and by the end of my complete practice, both nose became active.

    I was going to skip practice today, but something inside me did not let me skip it.

    I am happy that I could complete my practice today.

  38. 3.45pm to 4.45pm. Feeling relaxed..size of snake increased..quite visible big face. In another kriya today lotus was opening n closing v fast.

  39. 8:10 AM – 9:00 AM

    A strange day yesterday. At around 11 AM, i started to feel heaviness in my crown region.
    I tried self harmony healing multiple times of day to reduce it.
    It came back again and again.
    In evening, I tried to go to gym but it was still there with me.
    Slept at 8:30 PM and when I woke up at 1:30 AM, its effect was reducing.

    Did not get up at my usual time. Instead, when i got up in morning, it was heaviness completely gone. So I felt like doing kriyas.

    Did my practice and felt peaceful.

    Thanks to the divine intervention by my twin to heal me of this heaviness.

  40. Did inner child healing
    My inner child complained of pain in his anahat region .i took out something yellow from that place . Later he started feeling better.My left part was totally still & felt like a stone.then felt as if heat started flowing & as if something got released.
    Was a great session

  41. 4pm to 5pm… wonderful practice..i puked during chskra anusandhan and my blocked energy ws released..after that I continued practice and could connect to higher self and vompleted practice. It was awesome session

  42. 10.15am to i did my oractice after performing agnihotra. Throughput connected with higher self…wonderful session…I m on cloud words to express. I am full of gratitude for the blessings ,new awakening n a mesmerizing vision of my twin.
    Thanks to my teacher ….who really prayed for me for years to give me this divine experience.

  43. 10 AM-11AM
    Session went well
    Got a divine message of being on the right path
    Actually the only path which would lead me to higher divinities

  44. 8:20 AM – 9:30 AM
    Could not get up at my usual time, so started practice at this time.
    It went well and I was able to complete all kriyas.

    Whenever I do my practice, I feel that I am feeding food to my soul.

    I feel a satisfaction that is beyond the physical level. This satisfaction can be explained relative to the satisfaction one get when they are hungry and they get food to eat. Only difference here is that something inside me get satisfied even though I am not eating any food.

    Yet I feel that I am taking something in, but its not material thing, like food.

    It’s Prana and psychic energy, the food of our soul 🙂

    Remember dear urban yogis, ‘Every Thing is Energy’.

  45. 3.40 pm to 4.45 pm. Pace of practice has changed a lot. Effect of kriya was very poerful today. It wzs different vision altogether. Sense of awareness is inceasing dat now I see things happening from a distance. As if nothing is touching my chord.

  46. 5.30 to 6.20 AM
    Day begins the blissful way…
    A new dimension of life.
    Feel blessed and grateful..

  47. 3 pm to 3.55pm. Feeling very calm. Continuous over activation of crown chakra going on. During practice felt better but still it’s going on…part of purging process. T
    Like other chakras this chakra ‘ll also remove it’s blockage I m sure. While talking to someone I was sharing those things which my higher self was directing me. I was amazed when I gave the clarity coz I was unaware what I m going to share.
    Love & Blessings for all.

  48. 3:10 AM – 4:10 AM
    Before I started my practice, vague thoughts of yesterday’s hectic schedule were continuously running through my brain.
    I started my practice and when i reached Dharna stage kriyas, thoughts just totally disappeared. I suddenly realized that whatever had been running automatically in my brain has totally stopped and only peace, calmness and silence are remaining now.

    Yogasth BHAVA.

  49. 5.30 to 6.35am. Practicing in the morning was different experience. Very calm serene feelings. I have started getting up on my own these days early in the morning. Today all of a sudden I got up at 5am,,fully awake and without looking at the time I started day with my routine. When I checked the time I knew I have to do my practice dats why I got up so fully awake .
    Love n blessings to all.

    • Early Morning energies are totally different from rest of the day.
      As day moves forward, the energies gets heavier and heavier and by the end of the day, it becomes totally different affair.

      Those who are not able to do meditation in early morning hours will feel the difference when they will start meditating in early hours.

  50. 3:00 AM – 4:10 AM
    Slept late, at around 11:15 PM. Still i was able to get up with divine help at 3 AM.
    Started my daily practice and shuffled one of Dharna kriyas.
    Felt fulfillment that cannot be described in words.
    No worldly experience can match this fulfillment level.

    Also make sure to check the new cover image of this page.

  51. 3:10 AM – 4:25 AM
    For last few days I was not getting up at early. I realized that it was due to change in temperature. As my bedding was not warm enough, so I used to feel tired at my regular time.

    Now I had changed my bedding to be more warmer and today I was able to get up very easily at 3:10 AM.

    Finished kriyas and slept peacefully.

  52. 1:44 AM – 3 AM

    My sleep got disturbed and I was not able to go back to sleep. So decided to meditate before my regular time.

    Few thoughts were running in my mind before meditation.

    Felt complete and peaceful after meditation and even got solution to my queries.

  53. 7.55am to 8.58am. Very very peaceful n relaxed session. ,morning times are always different. Last night sleep was disturbed. As if something was there n there were messages for me. Couldn’t sit for meditation. Fell asleep around 2 n got up at 6.45. My heart was yearning to sit for practice. Now I m feeling more aligned to higher frequencies.

  54. 6.45am to 7.42am..My soul was longing for practice…to get connected. Decided to do practice the very first thing in the morning. Feeling uplifted and blessed. Thank you Param dat universe chose u yo show me path. Love &light

  55. 4:30 AM – 5:50 AM
    My practice time is gradually shifting from 3:10 AM to 4:30 AM.
    I try not to force my wake up time, instead I get up when I feel awake or we can say when I feel not so sleepy.

    And today my practice was much better than last few days.
    The preliminary kriyas are very essential as they prepare the breath and psychic pathway for major kriyas like Maha Mudra and beyond.

    It’s like warming up properly before going to play in field. The performance is completely different.

    In our case the peace and bliss is completely different 🙂

    Keep on doing kriyas my dear students. I would like to see all of you to ascend from the status of my-studentship to my-friendship.

    And the only way to ascend is, KRIYA Practice.
    No lectures, no motivation speeches, nothing else. Only kriya practice.

    Yogasth Bhava.

  56. Highest attendance reward for Kriya:

    I am happy to announce that Anoop has received the highest kriyas practice attendance reward for October 2017.

    She got a 2 hours regression session with me at no cost.

    She went through the regression session on 7th Oct. So I would ask her to write a review about her session and share her experience about the session.

    That review will be added to the testimonial section of this website as well.

  57. 7.30 to 8.30 pm spent 1 hour in one kriya of dharna…sushumana darshn and experience was beyond words. I realized each chakra tell it’s own story and it helped to rise above lower vibrations to higher . Good to balance ur emotions, state of mind, feelings.

  58. 5 AM – 6 AM

    Felt tired as it seemed that I had light flu. But at the same time, I was not able to sleep. So decided to sit straight for few mins and see what happens.

    Then I decided to just do Pranayam and Bandhas and thought that I will rest after that.

    But once I started practice, my strength started to come back and then there was no stopping. Completed all kriyas, did harmony healing and then slept peacefully.

  59. 3 AM – 4 AM
    Trying to get back to routine.
    It seems that I had got distracted from my discipline for last few days. Now I am trying to come back to track.

    Discipline(SADHNA) is the key.

    Felt satisfied and peaceful, did harmony healing and slept peacefully.

    Yogasth Bhava.

  60. 7:30 – 8 AM
    Did pratyahara kriyas. Then had to do some household works.

    8:30 – 9 AM
    Did dharna kriyas.

    Although it is more effective to do complete practice in one session, but when there is no other option then one can take a break in practice and then resume afterwards.

    Better something then nothing.

  61. 3:37 AM – 4:23 AM
    Got up just when braham mahoorat was going to start.
    So immediately sat down and did some pranayam and then started kriyas as told by my guru for this particular moment.

    Finished my practice with a satisfaction and then slept peacefully.

  62. 3:00 AM – 4:15 AM
    Getting up was tough. So when I got up, I just sat for few mins, doing nothing in Dhayana mudra.
    After some mins it felt like I can start my practice. So started with it and completed it.
    Felt a satisfaction and peace.


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